Will a 5G Phone Work in a 4G Area

 4G and 5G are two of the wireless mobile networks which are substantially being used on account of exposure to various social media platforms.

4th generation of mobile networks allowed cellular telephones to enhance their capability to function like computers. In contrast, the 5th generation of mobile networks is working to take wireless connectivity worldwide to the next level.

Will a 5th generation phone work in an area where the 4G network thrives? Let us take a brief look at how the advent of 5G networks works on 2G/3G/4G LTE and affect their performance and how the coexistence of 4G and 5G networks can benefit.

Will a 5G Phone Work in A 4G Area

Yes, the 5G phone would work very well in a 4G area network. 5G would be able to operate and connect to the 4G network due to the “dual modems” mechanism’ and its “interoperability with frequency ranges”.

What Will Happen to 4G Phones When 5G Comes in India

yes, 4G will be still exist even when 5G network comes in India. India has usage across 600 million mobile phones, which support the 4G network in contrast to the fact that the 5G network has not yet set foot in the Indian nation. 

As per the reports, 4G phones would continue to run along and even work with the 5G network. This is because of the following reasons:

  • There has been an increased rate of data trafficking, which restricts the movement in the fast transmission of the data.
  • To penetrate the Indian market, the 5G network has to work alongside 4G phones. 5 G has no objective to wipe out 4G phones in one shot.

The simultaneous usage of both networks probably will be seen in India in the next coming decade. Thereby, there would be significantly less or negligible impact on 4G phones.

Will 3G and 4G Phones Work on a 5G Network? 

No, 3G and 4G mobile phones would not work on a 5G network for the reason that a 5G network comes with enhanced features and network capabilities when compared to 3G and 4G networks. 

There are a few of the causes why 3G and 4G phones may not work on 5G network:-

  • 3rd generation and 4th generation mobile phones are not seen fit for 5G network anticipated that 3G networks do not function on high radio frequencies
  • 3G and 4G phones lack the cellular microprocessor and NR(new radio) technology used by the 5G network
  • Additionally,  the modems used in 3G and 4G are inept for 5G networks.

In short,  3G and 4G phones cannot work on a 5G network as they lack the required capability and pieces of equipment.

Does Samsung 5G Work In 4G

Yes, Samsung 5G mobile phones will duly work well on the 4G network. Adhering to the fact,  the reasons are:- 

  • 5G smartphones have a cellular chipset that permits them to work with older generations of wireless mobile networks.
  • It has a compatible microprocessor to adapt to a 4G network. 

Samsung has contrived a range of 5G smartphones facilitating the way for a 5G network in local markets worldwide.

Few of the newly launched Samsung 5G smartphones are:- 

  • Galaxy Z fold 5G
  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
  • Galaxy AS2 5G notably facilitates the way for a 5G network worldwide.

Will 5G Phone Work In A 3G Area 

Yes, A 5G phone will definitely work in a 3G area. In spite of the fact that the 5G ‘network’ uses high radio frequencies and bandwidths but what about a 5G phone? 

5G phones come along with ‘backward network compatibility,  allowing them to operate in a 3G/4G area for some time. 

An essential step to be followed for practically using the 5G phone in a 3G area is one needs to ‘swap the Sim Card’ from 3G to 5G.

List of 3G Phones Across The Globe 

  • Nokia X2-00
  • Vivo Y11
  • HTC Desire series
  • Samsung Galaxy J1
  • Micromax Canvas.

Here Is A List Of Countries Where 3G Is Predominantly Used 

  • Singapore
  • Austria
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia.
  • Nepal

Will 5G Make 4G Faster 

No, 5G will not make 4G faster. 4G boosted the pace of growth of wireless cellular connectivity all around the world.

But, 5G will not make 4G faster. Why? Below are some of the reasons:- 

  • 4G allows an average speed of 30Mbps; that is, it ascertains the download speed permitting a 1GB file to be downloaded in 5 minutes 
  • When compared to 5G, which has an average speed of 60Mbps, making it faster than 4G and where data latency is almost negligible
  • One of the purposes of 5G is more comprehensive mobility than 4G, which means when 5G sets the ground, it will be the fastest network available.

Furthermore, 5G functions on the concept of ”unparalleled latency”, which implies it has an ‘exceptional data transmission speed’ and ‘consumes significantly less time for transferring the data.

The 5G network undoubtedly will not affect the current 4G speed; nonetheless, it will not increase the data speed for the variations between the technologies opted by both the networks.

When Will 4G Be Phased Out 

4G network won’t be phased out soon. The telecommunication companies have articulated that 4G will be soon phased out. However, it will actively work side-by-side with 5G for the upcoming few years.

4G LTE (long term evolution) and 4G LTE advance meet the general requirements for the prime needs of today. It is the primary mobile network in the current world. 

Evacuation of 4G might not be an easy process and can result in a significant loss to the common people if they are phased out suddenly. 

Moreover,  the 5G network will take some time to settle the newer conditions and demands to reduce the data traffic caused by increasing subscribers of 4G.


Fifth-generation mobile phones will essentially rely on areas or countries thriving with 4G mobile networks ‘without replacing’ the preceding generation networks.

5G phones halt the downward(backward) compatibility and interoperability, which makes them suitable to alter and work with other previous generation networks.

There are around 3 billion people all across the globe holding 5G subscriptions. As per the statistics, China has the highest number of 5G users, followed by other countries which have acquainted themselves with 5G.

The transmission speed of data varies from one land area to the other. India, in specific, has not fully encountered the 4G LTE Advance data speed due to numerous reasons. 

5G leads the roadmap for more excellent connectivity to devices globally and enclosing a significant role in the Internet of Things (IoT).