Why is 5G Banned in Some Countries?

Basically, there is a lot happening around all over the world in every field including the Tech field too. Recently, 5G has become a topic of discussion due to various myths spreading about it.

Some countries are assisting it while there are rumors that it has been banned in some of them. We’ll know in detail what 5G actually is and why few countries are banning it?

5G is the fifth generation of the latest wireless technology. In different parts of the world, the 4G network is being replaced by the 5G network. It uses higher frequencies which makes it faster & efficient.

Why is 5G Banned in Some Countries?

The main reason for 5G being banned is the Cybersecurity purpose and its limited coverage area. The main telecommunication equipment provider is accused of stealing their private innovative ideas and information and its availability is still present in limited global areas only. 

Rumors are in the air that there might be health risks of 5G but straight away banning didn’t come into the light. Instead, the focus is somewhere else.

China’s Huawei Technologies is one of the world’s largest telecommunications equipment & smartphone providers. Some countries have accused Huawei of stealing patent information from other tech companies. 

Huawei is also ready to sign a “no spy” agreement with the government but still people are not ready to trust them again. Despite this many countries, regions & organizations are rethinking or banning their business relationships with Huawei. 

5G Countries List

The EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East & Africa) tops the list with 168 cities using 5G networks. Asia is with 156 cities. America is in the third position with 53 cities.

  • The United States
  • South Korea
  • Sweden and Estonia
  • Turkey
  • Japan
  • China

5G Banned Countries

There are still a few countries in which 5G is banned due to the reasons we have discussed above. Here are the names of the countries in which 5G is banned:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Czech Republic
  • Italy

Pros of 5G Technology

1. Faster Speed

  • 5G works with high speed on mobile phones and other devices when compared to 4G & 4G LTE.
  • It allows users to download movies, videos, etc in seconds as compared to minutes.
  • According to a recent survey, it is found that consumers using the 5G network saved around 23 hours per day in the downloading process.

2. Low Lagging

  • 5G has a low lag in comparison to 4G which will support new applications more efficiently.
  • 5G networks provide very smooth internet access to the users.

3. Highly Efficient

The testing of 5G Technology is 90% more efficient than 4G in terms of MBPS.

4. Increased Bandwidth

5G has more bandwidth that will help in the transfer of data more fastly.

5. Innovative Powering

5G enhances productivity and gives the best choice for connecting various devices.

Cons of 5G Technology

1. Limited Coverage Area

5G has the biggest disadvantage in that it has a limited global coverage area which means it is available at some particular locations only.

2. Less Broadcast Distance

5G works faster but will not travel as fast as the 4G network used to travel.

3. Less Upload Speed

The upload speed of the 5G would not be more than 100 Mbps which was available in 4G networks.

4. Cybersecurity

One of the biggest drawbacks of 5G is that it may lead to device hacking because of the broad bandwidth which helps hackers to steal the information a bit more easily.

5. Weakening of the Device’s Battery

5G will lead to a huge battery drain which will eventually affect the phones or the device used.

5G Network 1st Country

Many countries are very competitive in adapting to the latest technology rapidly. Similarly, talking about 5G Technology, the race between many countries has begun very early.

The very first country to launch 5G over the US and China is South Korea. South Korea claimed that this network will provide at least 20 times more fast connections than 4G.