What Does WYLL Mean on Snapchat

Lot of people try to use the slang or short form on social interaction platforms and in day to day life as well. slangs/short forms help people to say or react quickly on daily basis.

There are lot of slang people use on Snapchat and Instagram app on daily basis.

Recently people are using the WYLL on very frequent basis on Snapchat and Instagram.

WYLL on snapchat is used as “what you look like?” slang. If you are in contact with someone since sometime but doesn’t know how does he/she looks like. So you can ask or send message as WYLL to ask how your snapchat friend looks like.

Sometime happens on Snapchat that people are either using the Bitmoji’s as profile picture or no profile picture, so it becomes impossible to know how he/she does look like. so you can use WYLL slang to ask how he/she looks like in real.