What does White Arrow on Snapchat Mean

The white arrow on Snapchat indicates that a user has sent a Snap to a friend or follower.

When a user sends a Snap, the Snapchat app will display a white arrow next to the name of the friend or follower who received the Snap.

This alerts the user that their Snap has been sent and is waiting for their friend or follower to view it.

The white arrow will remain on the Snapchat app until the friend or follower views the Snap.

Once the friend or follower has viewed the Snap, the white arrow will disappear from the app.

If the white arrow is not disappearing after a user has sent a Snap, it may be because the friend or follower has not yet opened the Snapchat app to view the Snap.

In this case, the user can try sending the Snap again or contact the friend or follower to make sure they received it.