Top Crypto to buy after selling Luna (Tera) 

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NetworkCult Team

Ethereum When Crypto is trying to be back from its lower touch, users are seeing Ethereum as a good investment.

Cardano As usual, people are believing on Cardano fundamentals and ready to invest as an alternate option.

Tether Tether is the biggest rival for TerraUSD  and positioning on the top lists of stablecoins for dip investment options.

Uniswap Uniswap is the popular decentralized exchange and offers users to transact buy/sell digital currencies without any broker or middle man.

Decentraland Decentraland became very popular among investors with Metaverse technology rise and this trust helping Decentraland users increase day by day.

The Sandbox As like Decentraland, Sandbox another Metaverse based Crypto is maintain a position in top list to investment because of people interest in Metaverse future.

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