Rafael Nadal beats Novak Djokovic in 4-set quarterfinal at French Open

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"To win against Novak, there is only one way -- to play at your best from the first point to the last. Rafeal Nadal said.

"Tonight has been one of those magic nights for me.'' Nadal siad after winnning the game againest Novak at French Open.

Match started somewhere around 9pm and "TV decides,'' Djokovic said about the late start. "That's the world we are living in.''

The bracket said this was a quarterfinal, but it felt like a final -- from the quality of play to the quality of effort, from the anticipation that preceded it to the atmosphere that enveloped it.

Continue: The only missing ingredient: There was no trophy handed to the winner. Bracket Said.

This Gone Friday itself Nadal turned 36 and said for semi-final: "See you, by the way, in two days,''  That's the only thing that I can say.''

"I lost to a better player today,'' said Djokovic, who had won 22 sets in a row until the 49-minute opener against Nadal. "Had my chances. Didn't use them. That's it.''

Finally, Nadal had a super-win against Novak Djokovic in 4-set quarterfinal at French Open.