Broadcom to acquire VMware company in $61B Deal

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Combining our assets and talented team with Broadcom’s existing enterprise software portfolio, all housed under the VMware brand, creates a remarkable enterprise software player. :VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram

VMware does not have the roller coaster of ups and downs of the chip market and brings Broadcom to a more steady trajectory. It’s also more profitable. I expect Broadcom to leave VMware in peace as Dell did so long as the company delivers :Holger Mueller, an analyst at Constellation Research Says

According to Gartner data, VMware held the #1 position by market share in the global virtualization infrastructure software market in 2021, with 72% share and revenue of $5.9 billion.

Post merging the VMware, Broadcom would be able to extend market to core virtualization.

VMware merge to Broadcom will help to bring the services of Pivotal, Heptio for containerisation to help in transitioning the companies towards modern cloud technologies. 

Recently in 2019, VMware also acquired the Security company Carbon Black, which offers security cloud platform which enables customers to predict, prevent, detect, and respond remediate cyber attacks before they cause a damaging incident and data breach.

VMWare also just finished the acquision of Mesh7,, SaltStack, Datrium, Blue Medora TVS and Lastline Companies.

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