STEPN Level Up Cost

STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle software featuring aspects of Social-Fi and Game-Fi. Users with NFT Sneakers can earn GST by walking, jogging, or running outside, which can be used to level up and mint new Sneakers.

On the in-app Marketplace, players can lease or sell their NFT Sneakers, and their GST revenues are saved in the in-app Wallet, which features a built-in Swap function.

By increasing your game level, you can earn more in the STEPN app. GST will be burned every time you increase your level.

In this article, we’ll go over STEPN Levels, what occurs when you level up in the game, and how much it costs to level up. and how you may improve your performance.


By burning GST, users can level up their Sneakers. Each level-up requires a set length of time to complete, which rises in tandem with the amount of GST necessary as the Sneaker level rises.

By utilising even more GST, this process can be sped up even more.

GMT will also be necessary to level a Sneaker up to Level 29 and 30.

Users will receive 4–12 additional Attribute points when they level up, which they can assign to their Sneaker quality.

QualityAttribute Point/Level up

Additional perks will be unlocked upon reaching certain level milestones:

MilestoneTriggered Event
Level 5Unlocks Socket 1
Level 5Unlocks Shoe-minting
Level 10Unlocks Sneaker Lease function
Level 10Unlocks Socket 2
Level 15Unlocks Socket 3
Level 20Unlocks Socket 4
Level 30Unlocks GMT earning

The user must select between earning GST or GMT at the highest level. Switching between GST and GMT earnings is possible, but there will be a cooling-off period.

At Level 30, users can customise their Sneakers by burning GST/GMT/NFT, which can include things like changing the name, adding a quote, and adding extra Attribute points, among other things.

STEPN Level Up Cost

Below table contains level wise cost , leveling time , max GST per day.

LevelCostLeveling time(min)Max GST/DayFunctions Released
4→510GST+10GMT30030Open Socket 1
Mint feasible
9→1030GST+30GMT60060Open Socket 2
Available Rending(not implemented)
14→1515GST900110Open Socket 3
19→2060GST+60GMT1200160Open Socket 4
29→30100GST+100GMT1800unknownGMT earning mode

What Happens When You Up the Level of Sneakers?

When you increase your Sneakers level, the GST upper limit increases, allowing you to make more per day. Additionally, when you reach level 30, you will receive GMT.

How to Up the Level of Sneakers in STEPN?

Steps to Up the Level of Sneakers in STEPN:

Step 1: Open the STEPN app and select the Sneaker you want to level up.

Step 2: Go to the bottom left side of the screen and select “Level Up.”

Step 3: After selecting level up, a popup window will appear, displaying the levering time and cost. Now. To confirm, press the confirm button. The level of your Sneaker will be raised.

Keep in mind that as you progress in level, the cost of repairs will rise as well.

STEPN Gem Types and Level

Users can unlock Gem Sockets once their Sneakers reach a specific level, and then use the associated Gems to improve their Sneaker Attributes by putting them into the unlocked Sockets (i.e. only Efficiency Gems can be placed into Efficiency Sockets). There are four different varieties of Gems, each of which represents a different Attribute:

Yellow: Efficiency
Blue: Luck
Red: Comfort
Purple: Resilience

Users can improve their Gems by burning GST and merging three Gems of the same level and kind to a higher level by going to the Upgrade tab under the Gems section (i.e three Level-1 Efficiency Gems to one Level-2 Efficiency Gem).

From Level 4 onwards, GMT will be required to enhance a Gem

Note: Low level Gems Upgrade has a chance to fail.

Gem LevelNameNumber of Gems to Upgrade to Next LevelAttributeAwakening EffectCostSuccess Rate
1Chipped3Find out in-appNAGST35%
2Flawed3Find out in-app+% to Base AttributeGST55%
3Regular3Find out in-app+% to Base AttributeGST65%
4Glossy3Find out in-app+% to Base AttributeGST+GMT75%
5Flawless3Find out in-app+% to Base AttributeGST+GMT100%
6Radiant3Find out in-app+% to Base AttributeGST+GMT100%
7Luminous3Find out in-app+% to Base AttributeGST+GMT100%
8Immaculate3Find out in-app+% to Base AttributeGST+GMT100%
9EnchantedNAFind out in-app+% to Base AttributeNANA

Warning: From Level 1 to 5, there is a chance that a percentage of Gem upgrades will fail; if this happens, users will lose their Gems.

Awakening Effect: Gem increases the Sneaker’s Base Attribute. i.e., a Level 2 Efficiency Gem will increase the Base Efficiency of a Level 0 Sneaker by 5 (Sneaker Attribute) + 5 x 40% (Gem Awakening Effect to Sneaker Attribute) + 8 (Gem Attribute) = 15.