Solved: Spotify Icebergify Not Working

An open source program called Icebergify creates a “iceberg” style chart of your Spotify favorite musicians.

Based on the concept of creating a “iceberg” that ranks your most often listened to musicians, with your favourites at the top and the less well-known ones at the bottom, computer science student Akshay Raj created Icebergify.

As Icebergify gains popularity, more people are becoming interested in creating “iceberg” style charts of their favourite Spotify artists.

The software organises and creates a “iceberg” by collecting information from your top 50 artists in both your short-term and long-term listening habits.

Depending on how often you listen to a certain artist, it places them at the top or bottom of the list according to popularity.

Less well-known performers are featured at the bottom, with more well-known musicians displayed at the top.

Recently, many users are having trouble using Icebergify. “Internal Server Error” is the error folks are experiencing. We will discuss the reasons of Icebergify Not Working in this post, along with solutions.

Why Icebergify Not Working?

As Icebergify gains popularity, more people are becoming interested in creating “iceberg” style charts of their favourite Spotify artists.

So, due to heavy users load, Icebergify server is going down randomly.

Below is the error “Internal Server Error” people are seeing on the screen when they are trying to use the Icebergify to generate the Iceberg style chart for their favourite music on Spotify:

Some of the iceberg levels are reportedly empty for certain users, according to some users. It indicates that you don’t often listen to any musicians with that level of fame or reputation.

You can also fill up your iceberg with new artists since your iceberg’s levels aren’t only restricted to you.

Icebergify analyzes Spotify data for your top 50 artists over the course of a month, a year, and a half (several years).

If you’re surprised that a certain musician made your iceberg, it may be because you first heard them a long time ago or because you haven’t heard many other musicians except them.

How to Fix “Icebergify Not Working”?

Fix 1: Give Try to Icebergify After sometime

You must try again later, when fewer people are using Icebergify, since Icebergify is increasing in response to growing traffic.

There isn’t a certain period when less individuals are using Icebergify, but you may try at random time.

Fix 2: Keep Reloading till Icebergify Page Loads

Try refreshing the page until the iceberg displays if you have already signed into Icebergify.

Therefore, iceberg may generate the chart after 4, 5, or 10 trials.

Fix 3: Clear the Cookies and Reset Data

If the above fixes don’t work for you, try deleting or clearing the website data for Now again check whether or not is working after erasing all cookies and data.

Fix 4: Try Icebergify on Another Device

If no above mentioned method is working for you, lastly, give a try to Icebergify website from another device.

Fix 5: Use Different Wifi Connection

Also try to use the different Wifi connection if Icebergify isn’t working for you. There are chances that your ISP is blocking the Icebergify website to use.


To Fix “Icebergify Not Working” issue, wait for sometime if Icebergify website is down because of heavy users load, if still doesn’t work, clear the cookies cache and delete data using another device.