Should I Buy A 5G Phone In India?

5G has become the reason for excitement and curiosity among people all across the world. With the promised benefits of this fifth-generation network, people see 5G as an asset in all aspects of life. 

This network will come with the features of blazing fast speed with quick downloads, as well as efficient and smoother working. As of now, 5G is not functional in India, but soon it will be. 

To avail of such benefits and use a network that makes work hassle-free, people have been in a dilemma if they should now start buying devices that support this new technology. If you are also confused if you should switch to 5G phones or not, keep reading this post to know. 

Should I Buy A 5G Phone In India?

Yes, you should buy a 5G smartphone in India. There are a lot of phones being launched in India from almost all brands. 

These brands are heavily advertising these phones that are known to be futuristic. There has been some excitement with a lot of craze among people towards 5G smartphones.  

There are a lot of reasons to buy 5G smartphones. Even though the 5G network has not been launched in India, you can still use your 4G sim in the 5G device and enjoy the same 4G network services that you were using in your 4G smartphone. 

This gives you the advantage of using the 5G network as soon as it is launched in the market. Since you already have a 5G phone, you just need to look up a plan that suits you and use the extraordinary network. 

Is A 5G Phone Worth Buying?

Yes, 5G is definitely worth buying. If you buy a 5G smartphone this year, you can use the 5G network in the coming year. You will obviously be using the same phone for the next year, so it is worth buying. 

Also, the cost of 5G smartphones has gone down by 50 percent over the past 12 months, so you are at an advantage in buying a 5G device at this point. 

If you have a 5G device on the launch of the 5G network, you can immediately start benefiting from a 60–70 % faster internet than your prior  4G connection. 

5G, if not available in certain areas, will automatically switch over and provide you with a smooth 4G connection instead. It consists of a 5G modem that supports 5G as well as a strong 4G network. 


It can be said that buying 5G smartphones is a good decision and worth it due to their flexibility in working and supporting both 4G and 5G. 

It also now comes at an affordable price. You can easily buy a 5G smartphone today and immediately start benefiting from it once the network is launched.