“Please Confirm Your Identity” Facebook Error

Facebook asks you to confirm your identity on the platform for security reasons. Facebook promises to make the platform safe and secure for its users.

When Facebook finds your account to be suspicious and involved in any kind of suspicious activities that may cause a threat to the safety of other users, it makes it mandatory for you to confirm your identity first, if you wish to continue with your account.

Why is Facebook Saying You Need To Confirm Your Identity?

Facebook asks its users to confirm their identity when it suspects that you have created your account with an unreal name or you have more than one Facebook account.

According to the Terms of Service of Facebook, you are required to create your account on the platform with your real legal name only. 

If Facebook finds that you have your account created using a fake name, then it asks you to confirm your identity.

This usually happens with those users who have multiple Facebook accounts, as this is not allowed.

To confirm your identity, you need to upload a copy of any approved ID that contains your name, photo, and birth date.

You can submit your government-approved IDs also like a PAN card, Passport, driving license, etc.

How to Confirm Identity on Facebook?

Go to the url: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/515009838910929 and follow instruction accordingly.

If you need to confirm your name on Facebook, or if you’ve lost access to your account, you may be asked to send us a copy of something with your name on it.

You have several different options for this, including photo IDs issued by the government, IDs from non-government organisations, official certificates or licences that include your name or other physical items like a magazine subscription or a piece of mail.

How Long Does it Take Facebook to Confirm Your Identity?

There is no common answer to this question. Usually, you can get your identity on Facebook confirmed within 48 hours of photo-id submission, but in some cases, it may take around 3-4 weeks time.

Facebook reviews your submitted copy of ID both manually as well as using an automated process. So, the time it will take to confirm your identity depends on the total ID-confirmation cases they have with them to resolve.

Confirm Your Identity Facebook Locked

Confirming your identity on Facebook means providing valid ID proof that can prove that your account is real and is created with your real name. 

Your Facebook account can get locked due to many reasons, and unlock it. You will be required to confirm your identity on Facebook. 

Three primary categories of reasons which may cause your account to get locked include:

  • Security issues.
  • Violation of the Terms of Use and Community Standards.
  • Site Maintenance

Facebook has taken steps to strictly enforce the enhanced security mechanism on its platform, due to which many users are getting their accounts locked.

Some reasons which lead to the locking of your Facebook account are as follows:

  • If someone requests your account to get removed by reporting it as fake, then your account gets locked.
  • If any of your Facebook friends marks some post on your account as spam or reports it abusive, then Facebook investigates it and locks your account until things are not cleared.
  • Your account can also get locked if it violates the Terms of Use of Facebook, like creating multiple accounts or creating fake accounts, etc.
  • If your account is found to be indulged in the spam or inappropriate advertising, harassment of other users, promoting illegal content, or in some other suspicious activities, then also it can get locked.

Confirm Your Identity With Date Of Birth

To confirm your identity on Facebook with a Date of Birth, you need to provide the birth date which you had used while creating your account.

Facebook requires you to be at least 13 years of age to create an account on this social platform. Therefore, Facebook may ask you to confirm your identity with your date of birth.

You can use your passport, national identity card, driving license, or any other document which contains your name and date of birth.

Confirm Your Identity, Facebook Hack

You need to confirm your identity on Facebook when your account gets hacked in order to recover it.

Steps to Recover Your Facebook Hacked Account:

Step 1: Go To Facebook Support

To recover your hacked account, you first need to go to the below-mentioned link.


After this, you will find the button My Account is Compromised on the website page. Click on it.

Now, you have to try to recover your hacked Facebook account by providing your Specified phone no. or your Full name, username, or your email address.

Step 2: Provide Your Details

If your Facebook account has got hacked, then you must not know the current password of your account. In that case, you can type the old password and click on Confirm.

Step 3: Tap On Reset Password

On the newly opened page, you will see the button saying Reset My Password. You have to select it.

After these, you need to choose the No Longer have access to these options.

Step 4: Create New Password

After this, you can create a new password for your account and select confirm.


The error message Please Confirm your Identity Facebook may appear due to several reasons. Many times you get this error by mistake, and you are then required to confirm your identity first before getting access to your account.

Sometimes, this error occurs because you used your account in a third-party app, and Facebook thinks that your account has been compromised.

In this case, after getting your account recovered, you should sign out of your account from the third-party app. This will prevent it from getting locked again.