Login Approval Needed Facebook

Whenever you try to login into your Facebook account from a different device, you encounter a message stating login approval is needed on Facebook.

This is because Facebook verifies if the account is used by a genuine user or not. Facebook uses 2-factor authentication to verify a new login from the user with the help of login approval.

Login approval ensures that the user themselves provide surety that the account used for appropriate use is safe in the hands of the new user.

Also, Facebook will raise this request whenever you try to open your account from a new browser on any other computer.

Thus, to make sure that the browser and the user are appropriate and safe, ask for login approval from the user himself.

What Does “Login Approval Needed” On Facebook?

The “login approval needed” is a prompt message displayed on the screen whenever you try to log in to your Facebook account via an unknown browser or different device.

This login approval message indicates that the user must approve the login in order to successfully log in to a certain account on a new device. 

If you attempt to login into a certain account on a different device, this message will restrict the login, and you will have to seek approval from the account user through the Facebook process.

Facebook allows you to approve a login with the help of a security code that is sent to your registered or requested email ID. 

If you fail to provide the security code or are not able to approve the login, your login attempt might fail. 

Why is Facebook Saying Login Approval Needed?

While trying to login into your Facebook account with a new device, your process might get disrupted by a prompt message stating that you need login approval.

Facebook asks to fetch a login approval whenever a user tries to log in to their account through a different device or unknown browser.

Facebook is saying login approval needed is a way of assuring the data security and verifying the authenticity of the user. 

Facebook helps you to get extra protection against hacking or unusual use of your personal account data.

The login approval needed message is a part of the two-factor authentication system used by Facebook to ensure data security. 

How to Fix “Login Approval Needed” On Facebook?

Steps to fix “Login Approval Needed” On Facebook:

Step 1: Click On “Continue” Option

Whenever login approval is needed by Facebook to give you access to a certain account, it displays a prompt message stating “login approval needed”.

This prompt message asks you to either choose how you wish to confirm if this account belongs to you or simply complete a series of simple steps to ensure that this account is yours.

First of all, you will have to tap on the blue-colored button at the bottom of this prompt message with “continue” Written on it. Hit the continue button and initiate the process.

Step 2: Choose “Get A Code Sent To Your Mail” Option

Now, Facebook will ask you to choose an option. It will ask you to choose from three different options how you can confirm that the account belongs to you.

The options are “approve your login in another phone or computer”, “Get a code sent to your mail”, and “Identify your recent comments”.

Make sure you select the “get a code sent to your mail” Option as it will help you to easily login using a different device.

In case your e-mail ID is not accessible to you at this time, you can give direct approval or choose the third option.

Step 3: Click The “Continue” Button

 You must now get a code sent to your email window. In this window, you will have to choose the email id on which you wish to receive the 8-digit code to recover your account on any other device.

 Once you select the email ID, simply tap on the continue button to move to the next window.

Step 4: Insert The Security Code Received On E-Mail

Once done, open your email ID. check if you have received a security code on your email ID from Facebook. If you have received the security code, simply copy the code carefully.

Ensure that you thoroughly check your junk folder or spam folder to find this code.

However, in case you have not received the code, you can go back to the Facebook window and tap on I did not receive the code option by tapping on resend code. 

Please wait for up to 5 minutes or more before hitting the recent button once you get access to the security code.

Step 5: Insert Security Code On Facebook

 Now, go back to the Facebook window. You will be at the page to enter your code where Facebook asks you to enter the 8-digit code. Paste the code copied from the mail in the designated box.

Step 6: Click On “Continue

Once you correctly insert the 8-digit security code sent by Facebook on your email ID, you are good to go and can simply get your Facebook account back by tapping on the continue button. You must have reached the all set page on your screen.

After following the steps listed above, you can freely use Facebook on the new device on which you want to log in to your Facebook account.

How to Bypass Login Approvals on Facebook

You can easily bypass login approvals on Facebook by using various methods. However, we highly recommend not to bypass login approvals as they ensure that your data is secure and an account is used by a genuine user.

In case you still wish to bypass login approvals on Facebook, you can follow the methods listed below:

Method 1. Facebook Reset Account Password

You can easily bypass the login approval on Facebook by resetting your Facebook account password. To reset your Facebook account password, follow the steps listed below:

  • First of all, tap on the reset password option on your screen
  •  Now, enter your phone number or email ID in the appropriate dialogue box.
  •  By inserting your email ID or phone number, you can easily find your account. once your account is found, you can request a security passcode on your email ID or phone number via text message
  •  Complete the verification process by inserting the security passcode and following the instructions displayed on the screen

 This way, you can easily reset your Facebook account password and go back to using your account on any device without needing login approval.

Method 2. Use Security Codes Allotted By Facebook

Whenever a user opts for two-factor authentication, They are given 10  Recovery codes. These recovery codes can easily be used to login into the account in case you have lost the login credentials or are not able to access your email ID at a certain point in time.

However, if you have exhausted these ten recovery passcodes, you will have to find another way to bypass login approval on Facebook.

Method 3. Use Unknown Location For Facebook Log In

In many cases, if you use an unknown location to login into your Facebook account, the process can be carried out without requiring login approval.

Once you get hold of your Facebook account, you can make the necessary changes regarding login approvals and two-factor authentication.

Method 4. Use Facebook On A 3rd Party Application

You can also bypass the need for login approval for your Facebook account by using it on a 3rd party application such as Google or Internet Explorer.

While using it, you can easily login into your account as a 3rd party application, and it will not require login approval.

How To Remove Login Approval on Facebook

Steps to Remove Login Approval on Facebook:

Step 1: Login To Facebook

To initiate this process, simply login into your Facebook account using the unknown application or on a trusted browser

Step 2: Open Settings

 Then go to the settings option and tap on the security and login tab on this menu

Step 3: Tap On 2 Factor Authentication Option

 Here you can spot the 2-factor authentication option. Tap on the edit button next to this option.

Step 4: Turn Off Authentication

Insert your login credentials in the appropriate space on the screen. From the next window, tap on turn off option and save the changes

Once you come back to the Facebook homepage, your 2-factor authentication will be turned off, and you will not require login approval for logging into your account using different devices.

How to Get a Login Approval Code For Facebook?

Steps to Get Login Approval Code For Facebook:

Step 1: Sign in To Your Facebook Account

Firstly, login into your Facebook account and tap on the three vertical lines available in the corner of the screen

Step 2: Go To Settings

Go to the settings menu available at the end of this menu and then tap on the security and login option.

Step 3: Look For 2-Factor Authentication

Search for the 2-factor authentication option and tap on it. Now, enter your Facebook account password and hit the continue button to proceed further.

Step 4: Choose Recovery Code Option

Click on the recovery codes option on this menu. Afterward, tap on show codes, and your codes will be displayed on the screen.

You can easily copy these codes and use them to login into your Facebook account from different devices or from different browsers.


Facebook allows you to get an extra layer of protection for your personal account information in the form of login approvals.

These login approvals ensure that only genuine and appropriate users get access to your account and account data. You can use recovery codes or complete the verification process.