International shipment release – Import

FedEx is also known by its full name that is Federal Express Corporation. This company mainly deals in e-commerce, transportation, and other such services related to shipments. The company was founded in 1971. 

International Shipment Release – Import

“International shipment release” is the status tracking, which indicates that the package has been processed and released by the officials in customs in the recipient’s country.

These wordings apply only to the packaging that is sent across borders through FedEx. 

What Does A Shipment Release Mean?

Shipping release means a document that is issued by the inspector or the agency that is in the charge of the inspection. This document permits the contractor to ship to the stores.

The contractors can ship once they get the authorization also called shipment release.  

What Does It Mean To Ship Internationally?

To ship internationally is a process by which the imports and exports of different goods among different countries take place.

These imports and exports take place via transportation like air or water. 

If a company claims to ship internationally, it means that they will provide you the service to send or receive packages on an international level.

This means you can send or receive packages from different countries. 

What Does International Shipment Release – Import Mean?

“International shipment release” is the status tracking, which indicates that the package has been processed and released by the officials in customs in the recipient’s country.

These wordings apply only to the packaging that is sent across borders through FedEx.  

What Does It Mean When A Package Is Available For Clearance?

The phrase “Package is available for clearance” means that the item has gone through all the checking process that takes place in the custom for a package to be available for clearance.

This process lets the package to move ahead in the process of sending the package to the designated receiver.  

How Long Does International Shipment Release Import Take?

On a general basis, an international shipment of import takes 1 to 3 business days. But the timings depend upon the situation in both the sender and receiver countries.

A lot of factors like weather, war, and transportation are implied that finally lead to the delivery of the items or packages.

How Do International Shipments Work?

The international shipments work in the following steps: 

Step 1: Requesting Freight Quotes

Firstly, all details like the port of origin, commodity, packaging details, shipping date, and other such details are to be shared with all the freight forwarders in your network.

After the finalization of all these, you can start getting the quotes from the forwarders. Digital freight forwarders like Boxnbiz can also be used to fetch a Freight quote.  

Step 2: Choosing The Freight Quotes

Next, you have to choose a freight forwarder which can be the traditional freight forwarders or using the digital apps.

You have to choose the freight forwarder according to the shipping date, cost, and other such factors. 

Step 3: Assembling The Documents

 The next step involves assembling all the necessary and important documents together.

The documents required are Document Invoice, Performa Invoice, Packing List, Bank draft, Bills of lading, Dangerous goods form, certificates of origin, and shipper’s letter of instruction. 

Step 4: Confirming The Details 

Now, after preparing for the shipping process you need to check all the details and documents again. 

Step 5: Raising The Request

Next, you have to book a freight forwarder. These steps involve updating the details of the packages and orders with your freight forwarder. After that, they will confirm your booking with the shipping line.

Step 6: Tracking The Shipment 

Once your booking for the shipment is confirmed, you can start the tracking process to see where your product has reached.  

Step 7: Check At The Customs 

Now, your shipment will be checked at custom by the official. If there is no issue with your shipment, it will pass on for further process but if there is some problem then it will be held till the problem or balance is cleared. 

Step 8: Repayment Of Custom Duties 

The bill has the taxes and duties from the forwarder. The amount of such taxes should be paid directly to the forwarder that you selected.  

Step 9: Repayment Of The Shipments 

When everything is carried out, the shipment will be delivered to you as soon as it reaches the port. 

What Happens After International Shipment Release?

It will be delivered to the local delivery partners and then to you. After the international shipment release, you can expect your shipment or package to be delivered soon at the delivery address.

This phrase “ International shipment release” means that your shipment has been checked, approved, and released by customs officials. Now it is cleared to be delivered to the delivery address. 


FedEx is a huge platform for the delivery of your local and international shipments. The company provides the services for international shipment.

There are a lot of people who prefer FedEx to send or receive their shipments from other countries that are international. 

The article intended to clear all your doubts related to FedEx and its international shipping. We hope the article was able to help you clear your queries related to international shipments.