How to Unlock a Permanently Locked Snapchat Account

Snapchat is the best way to share your life activity within 10 seconds of time.

While using Snapchat, there are certain guidelines that the user has to follow to maintain decorum.

An account is locked when Snapchat detects any activity that is violative of the terms and conditions of service or the community guidelines.

Such actions are taken to keep Snapchat a safe place for its user.

Can a Permanently Locked Snapchat be Unlocked?

No, a permanently locked Snapchat account cannot be unlocked. Even the support service by Snapchat will be unable to help the users whose account has been permanently locked.

Such strict action is taken when there is a severe violation of guidelines.

How Long Does Snapchat Permanently Lock Your Account?

Once an account is permanently locked by Snapchat, it will be locked forever.

The permanently locked account can never be recovered. So, there is no time frame regarding how long Snapchat permanently locks your account.

Is Snapchat Permanent Ban Actually Permanent?

Yes, the Snapchat permanent ban is actually permanent in nature.

Once you have received the message that your account has been permanently locked by Snapchat then you have no choice. There is no way to recover a permanently banned account.


Snapchat has strict policies regarding adherence to its community guidelines. Whenever any account is found to violate such terms and conditions of service or the community guideline Snapchat issues a block.

The account block can be permanent or temporary in nature. The nature of the block depends upon the violation done by the account.