How to Swap Tokens on MetaMask

MetaMask is the future of wallets. It is the best-decentralized application that has the easiest access and payment system through cryptocurrency.

MetaMask ensures that you reserve your privacy while maintaining complete transparency in the system. 

MetaMask is the wallet that allows you to purchase, trade-off, swap, or transfer anything on the Ethereum blockchain.

The wallet has gained popularity as an open-source hot wallet and provides convenience to users by letting them access their funds from any device with an internet connection.

As the cryptocurrency is gaining trust and investors in the market it has become a necessity to allow applications that ease outs the trading process of cryptocurrencies. 

Swap is one such feature that allows the user to swap one cryptocurrency with another. The aim of this feature was to create a way that gives priority to convenience to the user by reducing the cumbersome process and unnecessary contracts while making new deals.

What Do You Mean By MetaMask Swap?

MetaMask Swap is an option that is used to swap crypto of one form with another crypto. This feature was introduced keeping in mind the customers.

The process of swapping one cryptocurrency with another greatly reduces the transactional steps and the need of entering unnecessary contracts with a third party. 

MetaMask swap has been designed in a way that the user receives data from several decentralized market aggregators, separate DEXs, and other market controllers for cryptocurrency.

This provision of information allows the user to informed decisions while ensuring better prices and the minimum fees for these network transactions.

The benefit of MetaMask swap is not just limited to the best prices and smooth approval. MetaMask guarantees that while you make the swap between your cryptocurrencies you use the least amount of gas as possible. 

The swap has a feature that ensures that the best route is chosen. Further, the MetaMask swap ensures that large swaps are prevented from swapping as these swaps are virtually distributed over several DEXs and AMMs which controls the slippage cost on the final cost.

Can You Swap Tokens On MetaMask?

Yes, you can swap tokens on the MetaMask wallet. Numerous tokens from various decentralized exchanges are automatically offered via MetaMask Swaps.

Tokens will immediately become accessible on MetaMask Swaps once they have liquidity on such platforms. Some tokens aren’t supported by MetaMask Swaps or aren’t compatible with the MetaMask wallet 

The process of swapping on MetaMask is such a simple process that is designed to keep a note of user comfort.

The swap is made using a simple click of a button. While the swapping activity is in the process the app serves you with details about the available token and their quotes. 

How To Swap Tokens on MetaMask?

Steps to Swap Tokens On MetaMask:

Step 1: Open MetaMask

Start your computer and open your browser. Start the MetaMask wallet plugin.

Step 2: Log In to MetaMask

After opening the MetaMask Wallet extension you will have to enter your password to access your wallet. Once you enter the passcode for the wallet select the unlock button.

Step 3: Select Swap

The MetaMask wallet’s main page opens up as you complete the login. Various options like buy, send, and swap will appear.

These options are visible just down under the balance of your wallet. The swap should be selected to continue the process.

Step 4: Put Token Details 

Two columns are visible on the page here that is the foremost part is Swap from the current asset, and the other part is Swap to the new asset.

Pick the token you are willing to swap and write down the monetary value to swap using the token.

Step 5: Choose The Available Token That You Wish To Swap

In another column, you will see that you have specified the available token that you wish to swap for. This detail of the new token shall be entered in the Swap to section.

Step 6: Choose Options For The Advanced Category

Then, under the Slippage Tolerance column, pick or add manually your calculated percentage available for slippage.

Slippage occurs when the price changes between the booking and implementation. If the limit set by you for slippage is crossed then the swap transaction will be canceled.

Step 7: Review The Swap

You may select Review Swap once you’ve entered the swap token information and chosen the slippage %. MetaMask shall begin receiving quotations data sent by the decentralized platforms after you hit the Review button for the swap.

Step 8: Check The Quotes

It will give you real price quotes in addition to the levied gas charge within a few second of clicking the review swap. You shall take note that the amount is inclusive of a MetaMask charge. If you like, you can also look at the other quotations.

Step 9: Click Swap

If all things appear to be in the correct form, select Swap and be patient for the trade to complete. This point completes the whole process of swapping the tokens.

How to Swap Tokens Between Networks in MetaMask?

MetaMask allows you to interact with various dapps. This swap between networks can be done using the Polygon bridge. The steps to swap tokens between networks are: 

Steps to add a new network to your MetaMask wallet:

Step 1: Choose The Network

After opening the MetaMask wallet in your browser. Upon opening the extension you will see a box on the top where Ethereum Mainnet will be written. This box shows you the current network you are on.

Step 2: Add A New Network

After selecting the Ethereum network you will see a list opens. Herein you will notice that an option of adding a new network appears. Select this button.

Step 3: Write In The Details

After selecting the new network option you will see a pop-up will appear asking for various detail. It will ask for details such as Network Name, Chain Id, and RPC URL.

Step 4: Save The Details

After entering all the required details you will have to click on the Save button. This process will add the network to your MetaMask wallet.

How Long Does it Take to Swap Tokens on MetaMask?

There is no fixed time within which your swap will take place. Usually, any swap done on MetaMask is completed within 5 to 10 minutes.

The swap time depends upon the swapping action done on your trading account or on your private key wallet. It also depends on the gas fee you have paid which signifies the priority of such a transaction.

For example, if you do a swap using Polygon bridge and MetaMask.

After completing the process of entering the details of your token for the swap it will take about 7 minutes at least to ensure that the fund for the transaction is deposited.

After this step, you will be shown a prompt wherein it will ask you to sign and confirm the transaction in the MetaMask wallet.

If you use BTC to ETH for a private Key Wallet it will take approximately 2 hours considering the network speed on BTC and Ethereum. If you use BTC to ETH for a trading account it will be done in an instant.

Can You Swap Between Networks On MetaMask Wallet?

Yes, you can swap between networks on your MetaMask wallets. The swap can be either done by adding a new network to your MetaMask wallet or by using the bridge app and logging into your MetaMask on that app to complete the transaction.

Why is MetaMask not Letting me Swap?

MetaMask is not letting you swap due to slippage. MetaMask Swaps collects several quotations from different DeFi systems. Your communication is made with the liquidity source directly.

this source will always supply you with the best deal for your desired swap  Before submitting a swap, MetaMask tries its utmost to optimize each deal.

The success of a transaction, however, is not assured.

  • The discrepancy between a token’s predicted price and the price when it ultimately trades off is known as slippage. The indiction for the change in the asset price during the execution of the deal can be assessed through the slippage percentage. The value of the asset might vary often because of the fluctuation of cryptocurrencies, based on trading volume and movement.
  • You consent to a quotation when you make an exchange. If the swap amount crosses the allowable slippage specified (usually 1-3%), the transaction will fail, preventing you from noticing a large difference in value after it is finished. The majority of times the risk of slippage increases when you select a pair of assets in which one asset is highly volatile. This increases the chances of a change in prices when the transaction is in the process of completion.
  • When your swap fails you can try again. Before trying you should change your slippage percentage. To change your slippage percentage go to the custom option and enter a higher slippage percentage. 

You need to take care that when you make changes to your slippage percentage there are chances that you will see a greater fluctuation but the swap process will be successful.

Is it Good to Swap on MetaMask?

Yes, MetaMask is a good application to conduct your swaps. MetaMask Swaps combines data from automatic market runners, professional controllers for the market, requests for quotations, and specific decentralized exchanges to provide a much more expedient set of knowledge for acquiring the best value and minimum network costs.

MetaMask, unlike some of the other digital currency wallets, is designed with privacy in mind. They enable you the freedom to acquire, retain, and trade tokens without worrying about dApps or exchanges obtaining extra private details any more than what you agreed to share.

Do I Need ETH to Swap on MetaMask?

Yes, you will need ETH to complete the swap on MetaMask. To complete the transaction on the platform, you will have to pay the gas fee in ETH.

You ought to acquire enough ETH if you wish to conduct any kind of smart contract on the blockchain of Ethereum. 

But to utilize these above-stated cryptos you will have to buy some ETH. ETH will help you pay for the gas price. These gas prices help to complete the transaction.

To put it another way, although you would not want to store any ETH since you just want to transact relatively small cryptocurrencies, you always require ETH in your account to pay the gas expenses.


The evolution of the MetaMask swap has smoothened the transactions for thousands of users while ensuring that the market becomes as efficient as it has ever been. 

The ever-developing features allow the users to enjoy benefits in one place without much hassle. Swap is also one such feature that allows the user to make transactions using its crypto all in one place with so much ease.

The swap feature has received a lot of appreciation as it has reduced the permission and contract procedure for the users. The swap procedure is very fast and efficient. 

Further, the slippage protection allows the user to set a limit for the amount it is willing to pay for fluctuation while the transaction is completed. All these features makes the swapping process on MetaMask a great choice for your tokens.