How to Sell on MetaMask

MetaMask is a product of web3. It allows the user to maintain their digital assets. It can be linked to a decentralized website through an extension or mobile applications.

However, if you need money, you can also sell your cryptocurrency on MetaMask.

Unfortunately, the process is not that simple as MetaMask does not have any direct option to sell crypto.

If you also have your crypto on MetaMask and you wish to sell them to get some money, here is the full process for you.

How to Sell on MetaMask?

You cannot directly sell on MetaMask, but you can do it using cryptocurrency exchange like Binance, etc.

Steps to Sell on MetaMask:

Step 1: Go To The Binance Website

Go to the Binance website and open up a Binance account by clicking on the create account button.

Now, to create your account, you will have to type all your information, including your name and PAN number. 

After this, ensure that you set up a strong password for your account. 

Step 2: Send Crypto to Your Binance Account

To begin with, you will have to look for your Binance wallet address on the portal. 

Now, go to the MetaMask website and then Send ETH from your MetaMask to the Binance by entering the Binance wallet address in the add recipient tab on MetaMask.

Step 3: Sell Ethereum 

Now, you can sell Ethereum on MetaMask through Binance. You can sell it for euros, USD, etc. You can place an order or sell Ethereum by going to the selling page on Binance. 

Can You Sell Your Crypto On MetaMask?

No, you cannot directly sell your crypto on MetaMask because it is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to store Ethereum based Cryptocurrency.

If you want to sell your Cryptocurrency, you need a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance, Coinbase, Gemini, etc. You can sell your crypto using any of these cryptocurrency exchanges, and you can choose the currency you want to receive.

Therefore, you can sell your crypto on MetaMask through Binance or any similar crypto exchange.


MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that acts as a bridge between decentralized websites and NFTs.

It acts as a wallet and allows users to buy, sell, or mint NFTS on a decentralized website. You cannot directly sell NFTs or sell your crypto on MetaMask.

Moreover, you can send your NFTs on MetaMask and can use cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance to sell your crypto on MetaMask