How to Play Apex Legends Mobile With a Controller

Apex Legends Mobile is a shooting game that is based on a battle-royale theme. It has a theme that includes character-based gameplay.

The game includes battlefields, shooting, and other such tasks to earn rewards.

A lot of people play apex legends mobile with the controller as they feel that to be more convenient.

Although on the launch, the company stated that the game does not support any kind of controller. But some good quality controllers like Microsoft, Sony, etc., work fine in the game. 

The controller can be connected via Bluetooth. This can be done on both IOS and android devices. However, the game was touch-based and designed like that.

A lot of people feel it convenient to use external controllers.

How To Play Apex Legends Mobile With a Controller?

You can connect a controller with your IOS and Android device to play Apex Legends Mobile. To do the same, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Turn On The Controller

Turn it on with the logo button. Press the pair button on top of the gamepad.

Step 2: Connect Your Device Through Bluetooth

Go to your device’s Bluetooth settings. Click on your controller’s name in the available devices or other devices list. Pair the controller with your phone through Bluetooth. 

Step 3: Login To Your Account

Open your Apex Legends mobile on your device. Log in to your account through Facebook, Google, or Twitter. 

Step 4: Go To Settings

Look for the setting icon and then Go to settings. From available options, click on “Controller v.10”.

Step 5: Modify Settings

Change the settings here in accordance with use through the controller. You can use the game with the controller now.

Can You Play Apex Mobile With A PS4 Controller?

Yes, You can play Apex Legends Mobile using a PS4 or PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. Both these controllers are connected through Bluetooth with your device to work. 

The app only allows the controllers to work through the process of Bluetooth. Right now, the game does not support any third-party controllers. 

Can You Play Apex Mobile With An Xbox Controller?  

Yes, You can play Apex Legends Mobile with an Xbox controller. To do so, you need to connect your Xbox controller via Bluetooth to your device.

Then, further, you can change the settings for play in the game according to play with the controller. 

There are controllers like Xbox, PS4, PS5, Microsoft, and Sony that could work perfectly with the game. 


A lot of people prefer to play Apex Mobile Legends with different controllers like that of Xbox, PS4, and many others. People feel like the controllers might facilitate their gaming skills and style.

Although, on the launch of the game, the gaming firm declared that the game is touch-based and works the best like that. 

But the game supports controllers connected through Bluetooth. They also provide you with a setting that would help you change the settings of the app in accordance with the play via controllers.

We hope the article helped you solve any queries or problems related to the use of controllers for the game- Apex Legends Mobile.