How to Fix “This Content is not Available” on Spotify

Spotify is the go-to place when we think about playing music. However, recently Spotify users have been facing the issue where the content on Spotify is not available.

The error can be in the form of songs not available or the whole song appearing grey when you search for it.

If you are facing such trouble then this article will definitely help you.

What Does “This Content Is Not Available” Mean On Spotify

“This content is not available” on Spotify means that the song or the podcast that you are searching for is unavailable.

Unavailability of content will hamper you from streaming the content and availing of the services provided by Spotify. 

Reason For “This Content Is Not Available” On Spotify

The Reason for “this content is not available” on Spotify can be due to changes in the region.

If the user is using a VPN, then it is possible that the trouble is caused due to VPN services.

Lastly, the availability of content is also very much dependent on the right holders and how they give permission for use of their work.

How To Fix “This Content Is Not Available” On Spotify

To fix “this content is not available” on Spotify, try the methods suggested below.

Fix 1: Uninstall And Reinstall Spotify 

The easiest way to fix this content is not available” on Spotify, try to Remove the current version of Spotify.

Then proceed to download a previous version of Spotify, install it, and restart your computer.

Now open Spotify to Check to see whether you can stream any songs by opening Spotify’s earlier version.

If this is successful then update it to the most recent version.

The next step would be to select Help from the menu in the upper left, then select About Spotify.

A text message telling users that a new version of Spotify is accessible should appear beneath the present version number.

Tap on the new message instructing you to restart the application should show after installing the updated version of Spotify.

Fix 2: Install A VPN

When the content is not available on Spotify due to regional restrictions you can install a VPN on your device. A VPN allows the user to change its location to access the not-available content available in some other part of the world. 

Fix 3: Contact The Customer Support Team Of Spotify

When the error of this content is not available and is not solved by applying the above fixes then you can contact the customer support team of Spotify. Customer support will guide you in case there is some specific problem related to your account or your device.


The ease of accessing music and podcasts on Spotify is unparalleled. The errors like “this content is not available” are faced by many users now.

“This content is not available” error may be due to the geographical locations, access of rights by the rights holder to use its work, or due to some update of the app.

The easiest method to fix the error of this content is not available to uninstall and then reinstall Spotify.

If this does not solve the problem then you can try to use VPN services.

Lastly, you can take help from the Spotify customer support team to deal with some particular problems with your account and device.