How to Fix “Not Set” in Battlefield 2042?

Electronic Arts has released Battlefield 2042, a first-person shooter game developed by DICE and distributed by Electronic Arts. Battlefield 2042 is a cooperative multiplayer shooter.

It’s also compatible with Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, and supports cross-platform play.

Many folks are experiencing “not set” issues after the release of update #1.0. According to many reports, a large number of players are unable to begin a match or modify their settings since a <Not Set> prompt appears next to each choice in the game.

We’ll go through what the <not set> issue in Battlefield 2042 is, why it happened, and how to solve it in this article.

What Does “Not Set” Mean in Battlefield 2042?

In Battlefield 2042, the word “Not Set” appears next to every choice accessible. Players in Battlefield 2042 are unable to start a match or change the settings due to the error “Not Set.”

When players use alternate button mappings on their controller, the text “Not Set” appears next to every choice accessible in Battlefield 2042.

In Battlefield 2042, the message “Not Set” prevents players from selecting any choice in the game.

Why “Not Set” Issue Occurred in Battlefield 2042?

Issue with “Not Set” After the release of Update #1.0, this happened in Battlefield 2042.
When utilising other button mappings on your controller after the release of Battlefield 2042 v1.0, some player-facing in-game menus display <NOT SET> or placeholder text.

Not only is the <NOT SET> issue impacting one platform, but it is also affecting many others, such as the X/S version, PS5, and so on.

Update bugged for X/S version

So I booted up the game after the update, but it's unplayable. All the inputs in-game say "not set". I can't do anything. I tried messing around in the settings to remap everything, but there's no option for it. Does anyone else have this problem?
On Ps5 if you controller buttons mapped to anything other than ‘default’ for ‘on foot’ then all of the buttons get lost from the UI and replaced with <not set>

How to Fix “Not Set” in Battlefield 2042?

Use other button mappings to fix <Not Set> in Battlefield 2042. To get around the <Not Set> problem, you can use any other mapping button, such as custom.

The Battlefield 2042 team is aware of the <Not Set> problem and will address it in future versions. However, for the time being, you can utilise custom button mappings as an alternative.

To change the button mapping from Alternate to Custom, follow the steps below.

Steps to Fix “Not Set” in Battlefield 2042:

First, start the Battlefield 2042 game.

Step 2: Navigate to the game’s Option menus.

Step 3: Next, go to “Controller Schemes” under “Controller” Settings.

Step 4: Make sure “Button” mapping is not selected “Alternate” after going to “Controller Schemes.”

Step 5: Go to “Edit Controller Mapping” and select “Custom Button Mapping.”

Step 6: Select “On Foot” from the drop-down menu.

Step 7: Select “Melee/ Melee Takedown” from the “Weapon & Equipment” menu.

Step 8: Change R3 to Circle for “Melee/ Melee Takedown.”

Step 9: Set “Crouch[Press] / Prone[Hold]” from circle to R3 under “Movement.”

Step 10: The <Not Set> problem should now be handled.


You must apply custom button mapping to fix “Not Set” in Battlefield 2042, and the “Not Set” issue will be rectified.

You can also use alternative button mapping besides Alternate button mapping if you don’t want to utilise Alternate button mapping. Only in the case of Alternate button mapping do you get “Not Set” errors.

If you wish to use alternate button mapping, you’ll have to wait for a Battlefield 2042 update.

Because the Battlefield 2042 team has stated that future upgrades will address the <not set> issue.