How to Delete OpenSea Account

OpenSea is a doorway of the NFT market that displays all of the interesting NFTs contained therein.

OpenSea does not save any of your digital stuff; it is simply a fun location to purchase, sell, make, and exchange NFTs. It is the biggest marketplace of NFTs and it has a Decentralized environment.

OpenSea supports Ethereum blockchain- based crypto wallet like MetaMask (means we need to link an Ethereum based crypto wallet address with the OpenSea account).

OpenSea is basically a NFT marketplace based on Ethereum blockchain where anyone can purchase and trade NFT. Ethereum is a 2015 decentralized, open-source blockchain featuring smart contract capability. 

This is the brief idea about what an Ethereum crypto wallet address is and how OpenSea, which is a NFT marketplace, works. Now, in this article, we are going to give an idea about how to delete your OpenSea account and what happens to the data when you delete your OpenSea accounts.

Can You Delete an OpenSea Account?

Currently, OpenSea does not have any option of deleting user accounts. OpenSea accounts cannot be deleted because we cannot delete anything from the Ethereum Blockchain.

To deactivate an OpenSea account, users must first delete their “Ethereum Wallet Address”. It is determined by the wallet with something that you have opted to sign in to OpenSea. You may always reach out to the OpenSea team via their Discussion forum.

Users can alter their email address as well as username within the settings tab, however there is no way to delete your account since the OpenSea profile is essentially the “NFT marketplace”, thus it is simply the largest NFT marketplace” that is based on the “Ethereum blockchain”.

How to Delete Your Data From OpenSea?

Method 1: Delete your Data From OpenSea Account

Steps to Delete Your Data From OpenSea (From Website):

Step 1: Go to OpenSea Account Setting Page

To begin, log into your account on OpenSea through a web browser.

Now, go to the account’s menu. The account setting page will open

You will now be able to change your username and set up a new account’s biography and more.

Step 2: Manual Delete the Account Data

Now, go to the “erase everything related to your personal info: username, bio, cover banner, and more.”

You change your “set email address to an unused email address” This trick of abandoning the account will work too.

Step 3: “Unlink wallet” from OpenSea

Now, log out from the OpenSea account and “unlink the wallet”.

Note: You cannot delete any crypto wallet, basically what you are doing here is abandoning your account.

You have changed and erased your data and disconnected your account. Now, the account does not have anything to do with you.

Note: You have an option to change your wallet on OpenSea by using an email address which is actually related to the main profile.

Method 2: Contact OpenSea Support Team

You can delete your OpenSea account by removing all the data in the profile and changing the email address to an unused one. There is an alternative way to delete your data from OpenSea and that is by sending a request to the OpenSea Support Team.

Step 1: Log into your account and go to the “Support page”.

Step 2: Open “OpenSea Support Form” and select the  “My Account” option. You will find that option under the section named “What Can We Help With?”. Now, choose the “Deleting Account” option.

Step 3:Fill up the form and provide all the genuine information in all the sections. Elaborately explain your reason. After filling it up, “Submit” the form.

Note: As mentioned before, this process takes more time than abandoning an account. OpenSea supports Ethereum Blockchain- based crypto wallet address and Ethereum blockchain never stores user data and no identity proof is required to access the account.

So, if you simply delete your account after removing all the data inside the account, it will work the same.

But if you contact the support through the given process, that will always be a more reliable way to remove your data from the account.

What Happens When You Delete Your Data From an OpenSea Account?

You can not delete your data from an OpenSea account as data cannot be deleted from a Blockchain.

OpenSea account is supported by the “Ethereum Wallet Address” (means we need to link an Ethereum based crypto wallet address with the OpenSea account) and also it is a NFT marketplace. 

Since Ethereum credentials are immutable upon that “blockchain”, users cannot delete their data from an OpenSea account. They can only change the actual data (like email address) and unlink their crypto wallet which will make the OpenSea account abandoned.

OpenSea uses the Ethereum blockchain, and Ethereum blockchain does not store data because it does not have that property.

Is Deletion of the Data from an OpenSea Account Forever?

No, users cannot permanently delete personal data from their OpenSea account owing to the “Ethereum blockchain” inability to hold data.

On OpenSea, you can only remove collections of NFTs and you can change your user data like the registered email address or username. You simply need to delete “MetaMask” or the “Ethereum Wallet” which you used while opening your OpenSea account.

Why Can’t I Delete my OpenSea Account?

OpenSea is basically a NFT marketplace and supported by “Ethereum Blockchain Wallet Address”.

Due to the nature of the “blockchain,” users on the “Ethereum Blockchain” cannot totally delete their data or accounts.

You simply need to remove your “Ethereum Blockchain Wallet” like MetaMask or any other Ethereum Wallet which you have used while creating the OpenSea account.


OpenSea does not provide its users any option of deleting their account. Though they can delete their data from the account.

OpenSea is a portal to your crypto wallet address that exposes all of the intriguing NFTs it contains; in other words, it is a NFT marketplace.

OpenSea does not keep any of your digital data; it is merely a fun place to buy, sell and build NFTs. It is the largest NFT marketplace, with a decentralized ecosystem.

As we discussed in this article before, the OpenSea accounts are supported by “Ethereum Wallet Address” (means we need to link an Ethereum based crypto wallet address with the OpenSea account).

Because your data is permanent on that “Ethereum blockchain” and may be easily lost or deleted, there is no account to delete with OpenSea.

OpenSea makes use of the Ethereum blockchain, while the Ethereum blockchain does not store data since it lacks that capability.

To delete your account from OpenSea, you actually have to remove it from the Ethereum blockchain.

This means you have to delete your Ethereum wallet account (e.g. MetaMask) which you have used to open the OpenSea account.

You can change the username or registered email address on the platform and also you can delete your NFT collection from the platform.