How to Create Solanart Account

Solanart is a complete and First NFT marketplace allowing you to trade NFTs on the Solana network.

The platform allows you to buy and sell NFTs. However, you need to know that the platform is still in Beta.

Solanart aims to promote and motivate them to trade their NFTs by providing them with a trusted platform to showcase their art.

Not only this, the application is quite easy to use and offers you plenty of options to get the best deals for your NFTs.

However, before trading any NFTs, creating an account on the platform is important.

On Solanart, creating an account is not a tedious process. If you are also new to the platform, here is a guide for you. 

How To Create Solanart Account?

To create the Solanart account, create the Solana wallet on website first, then create the Solanart account on and connect the Solana wallet to Solanart account.

The process to create Solanart account is divided into two steps:

  •  Creating a Solana wallet
  • Creating Solanart account

Step 1: Creating a Solana Wallet

Step 1: Visit

To begin with, you will have to open your preferred browser. On the browser, you will have to visit

Creating a Solana Wallet

Step 2: Tap On Add Extension Option

On the Web Browser, you will be redirected to the phantom add extension page. You need to tap on the Add extension option.

Creating a Solana Wallet

Step 3: Create a New Wallet

After adding the extension, you need to open the wallet from the extension section. Now, you will have to tap on the create an account option.

Creating a Solana Wallet

Step 4: Create the Password

You will now have to set the password for your account and confirm th same.

Creating a Solana Wallet

Step 5: Check Recovery Phrase

On the page, you will get a recovery phrase. Make sure to note down the recovery phrase or take a picture for future references.

Creating a Solana Wallet

Make sure to keep the credentials of your account safe, and then you are good to go. You can start using phantom.

Step 2: Create Solanart Account

Step 1: Visit

Now, you will have to go to on your preferred browser.

Screenshot: Create Solanart Account

Step 2: Tap On Connect Wallet

To use your Solanart account, you need to connect it with the wallet. On the home screen, you will see connect Wallet option. Tap on it.

Screenshot: Create Solanart Account

Step 3: Tap On Already Have A Wallet

Now, you will see an option to either get started or “Already have an account”. If you have installed Phantom, you have to tap on the “Already have a wallet” option.

Screenshot: Create Solanart Account

Step 4: Connect Phantom To Solanart

Now, you will have to choose Phantom from all your available options.

Screenshot: Create Solanart Account


Solanart is a great platform to buy or sell NFT on the Solana network at your convenience.

One thing that you need to know is that for now you can only buy or sell the NFTs present on the platform.

With all the steps listed above, you can easily create an account on the Solanart platform.

So, create an Solanart account and explore all the NFTs on the platform.