How to Create an Oculus Account without Facebook Account?

With the advancement of digital technology, the Internet is changing. The online world is undergoing fresh developments, adjustments, and revolutions.

From the very beginning, Web 1.0 (It had normal texting, emailing stuff). Then the ground-breaking Web 2.0 appeared, providing us with access to the whole globe through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, etc.

Web 3.0 is now gradually advancing around the world. You might experience a wide range of things on web 3.0 from the ease of your home. To meet friends, play games, visit numerous tourist attractions, etc., you don’t need to leave your home.

With web 3.0 technology, everything is possible. Without really being there, you may participate in a variety of activities including playing games, meeting up with friends, watching movies, studying, and more.

What Is Oculus?

Oculus is a virtual reality headset device that Facebook and Oculus jointly developed. It allows you to experience the real world from the comfort of your own home. With an Oculus headset, you might virtually be there.

You get the feeling that everything is happening right in front of your eyes. Through the Oculus VR headset, you may play games, socialize, learn, organize clubs, create designs, and more.

There have been several developments after Facebook changed its name to meta in 2020. Oculus has been formally acquired by Meta.

Can I Get An Oculus Account Without Facebook?

Yes, you can create an Oculus account without having a Facebook account or connecting one. Earlier, creating an Oculus account required having a Facebook account.

Recently July 2022, Mark Zuckerberg, Have officially announced from his social account that you can create Oculus account without using Facebook account login. You can now use the new Meta accounts to use with the Oculus VR headset.

Mark Zukerberg Stated that “You won’t need a Facebook account to log into Quest starting next month. We’re rolling out new Meta accounts that you can use with our VR headsets instead. This will give everyone more choice about how you show up in the metaverse.”

The one that you may use without a Facebook account is Oculus Quest 2. A joint venture between Facebook (Meta) and Oculus developed the Oculus Headset.

Different models of Oculus headset are available. One is the case when using it requires connecting via your Facebook account. Another one that you may use without connecting to Facebook.

The alternative that does not need a Facebook account is more expensive. It costs $500 more than the standard one, where a Facebook account is required.

The second, more expensive option, is used only for business and profit gaining purpose. The less cheap one is used to gather the data, information needed to create customized algorithms for individuals likes and dislikes.

How To Create An Oculus Account Without Facebook Account?

Without Facebook, setting up an oculus account is not only feasible but also simple. Following these easy steps will allow you to create an Oculus account without using Facebook.

How to Signup for Oculus without Facebook Account:

Step 1: Download the Oculus app to your iPhone or Android device from the respective store.

Step 2: The oculus company sends you a welcome email. The company sends you an email (including a link) on your registered mail ID after you purchase the headset. Go to your email after installing the app, then click the link the company sent to you.

Step 3: Now Follow the email’s link Oculus sent to you. It will lead you to the page where you can create your Oculus account.

Step 4: Complete the required information and choose “Create Account.”

Step 5: After creating an account, choose “Add Device” from the menu.

Step 6: Add your Oculus headset to the app.

Step 7: Launch the app and turn on your Oculus headset.

Step 8: With your Oculus headset, you may now access all online gaming and VR (Virtual Reality) platforms.

Step 9: Now your Oculus account has been created without having a Facebook account.

How To Make A Facebook Account into Oculus?

For almost all Oculus headsets, a Facebook account is required. You may create a Facebook account from Oculus itself, without having to visit Facebook website. On the oculus website, you can set up a Facebook account.

Steps to create the Facebook Account through Oculus:

Step 1: Launch the Oculus website on your computer or download the Oculus mobile application from the appropriate app stores for your Android and iPhone.

Step 2: On the homepage, choose the “menu” option by clicking the three dots in the top right corner.

Step 3: Select “Sign up” from the menu on the bottom side. You will be sent to the account page if you click the “sign up/login” link.

Step 4: Selecting the signup option will take you to the page where you can create a Facebook account.

Step 5: Enter your name, email address, phone number, and password.

Step 6: Your Facebook account is ready Now

Step 7: Enter your email address and Facebook login on the Oculus home page.

Step 8: After clicking “Login,” you’ll be logged into your Oculus account.

What Happens If You Don’t Have A Facebook Account For Oculus?

If you don’t have a Facebook account for Oculus, you won’t be able to use the headset prior to the historic merger of Facebook and Oculus.

However, the circumstances have changed, and Oculus can still be used without a Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account or don’t want to use your Facebook account, you must get an Oculus that costs $500 more.

Advantages Of using an Oculus Account Without Facebook Account

1. Data Security

Data security means if you don’t use Facebook account with Oculus, Facebook cannot access any of your personal information, including your likes, dislikes, acquaintances, and friends.

2. Privacy Matters

When you link your headset to a Facebook account, everyone can see what games, films, and other content you are watching, including Facebook team members.

Your privacy will be preserved if you choose not to use a Facebook account, however. Nobody will be able to tell what game you’re playing or who you’re playing it with

3. Only You can see What You’re Doing

Facebook collects and displays your activity to your friends and other users of social media while you play games or perform any other activity using your Oculus headset.

Disadvantages of  an Oculus Account without using Facebook Account

1. You cannot Show your Friends and Family your Game Achievements

Facebook provides the ability to share accomplishments and activities with your near dear ones. On your social media account, you may share and see all of your game-related activities.

However, you won’t be able to share these accomplishments with your friends and family if you use Oculus without a Facebook account.

2. Neglect on Team Play Organised Through Social Media Groups

Facebook acts as a gathering spot for various individuals. People with common interests build friendships and groups to participate in the activities.

For example, players may get together in groups and have fun playing games together. If you don’t log into Facebook with your Oculus headset, you can lose out all the excitement.

3. The Oculus Headset option may not be available on your phone application

If you use a Facebook account for Oculus, you will always see the headset on your device page when you are playing any sort of game. but won’t see if continue without Facebook account.


Oculus is the manufacturer of VR headsets. It was made in collaboration with Facebook company. Facebook is continuously in need of user data to analyze trends, boost ad sales, etc.

To use Oculus, you must have a Facebook account. However, the newest version, the Oculus Quest 2, does not impose these restrictions and may be used without a Facebook account. By using Oculus Quest 2, you can protect your data.