How To Add NGL Link to Instagram Story?

NGL application is one of the most popular social media sites for individuals that want anonymity while sharing their opinions.

After successfully linking the NGL app to your current Instagram account, you may utilize this app with ease.

The NGL application may be accessed through a URL that is exclusive to your account. You may post this URL on your Instagram account to provide followers with access.

What Is NGL Link in Instagram?

NGL link is a link created by the NGL application that leads to the application itself. You may share this link with your friends using Instagram Stories.

Once the user clicks on this link, they will be directed to the NGL application, where they may share their genuine opinion on a certain topic.

The URL to the NGL application will enable you to access the reviews you have received after publishing this link.

You may locate this link on Instagram either in the stories or in the bios of other individuals. Instagram NGL links go straight to the application.

How To Add NGL Link to Instagram Story?

You may create an NGL link by integrating directly your NGL account to the Instagram handle.

After linking your Instagram account to the NGL application, the NGL application will generate a unique link.

This link may be placed to a variety of locations, including articles, bios, and many more. This link makes it simple for your Instagram followers to provide an honest review of the NGL application.

To establish an NGL link on Instagram, you must add a new story to your account and a sticker to your tale. You may invite viewers to leave a note or pose questions as you see fit.

How to Create NGL Link in Instagram?

You may create an NGL link by connecting your NGL account directly to the Instagram handle.

When you connect your Instagram account to the NGL app, the NGL app will produce a unique link.

This link may be posted to several locations, including articles, bios, and more. Your Instagram followers may simply click on this link to provide an honest review on the NGL app.

To generate an NGL link on Instagram, you must post a new story and include a sticker. You may provide questions or request that viewers write comments as you like.

How to Use NGL Link on Instagram?

You may immediately hit the NGL link located on the biographies and stories of Instagram profiles of your choosing.

This link enables you to add text about the sticker or the question posed on the sticker. Please publish only authentic remarks; otherwise, NGL will delete your comment before it reaches the intended recipient. This is because NGL immediately removes any cyberbullying remarks.

Go to your NGL application and copy the URL provided by the application if you need to generate a new link.

Now, post a new or blank story to your Instagram profile. Add a sticker with this URL to the narrative. Once you post the link as your status, everyone of your followers and visitors will have access to it.


The NGL link on Instagram enables you to express your true opinion on certain concepts immediately on the NGL app. This link allows you to leave honest opinions without disclosing your name to the person who submitted the link or the author of the tale.

On NGL, you may respond anonymously to any concept or person’s profile. You will discover this link linked to Instagram users’ stories or directly in their bios, from which you will be led to the NGL application and the specific account.