How to make 5G Faster?

5G is a fast speed fifth-generation network that is supposed to change people’s perspective on technology. The network has promised to provide features that are 100 times more advanced than the 4G network. High-speed internet, reduced latency, increased capacity, and maximum reliability are some of the features that make 5G different and unique. 

The essential characteristic of all of these is high speed. 5G is known to make things quicker and smoother. But, there have been apprehensions about the working of the network. There has been news that 5G is slower than expected. 

5G Bands Range

There is a small range of speeds in the 4G network, but 5G can easily be broken down into three different bands of speeds:

  • Low-band (600–700 MHz): This is the slowest network that has a slow connection and can be considered as a little boost to the 4G network. 
  • Mid-band (2.5–3.7 GHz) This is faster than the low-band and so also very fast in comparison to the 4G network. 
  • High-band (25–39 GHz) These frequency signals are also known as mmWave. This is the fastest connection under the 5G network. It provides speed and latency that you must have never seen or heard of. 

How to Make 5G Faster?

As we all know, a slow loading and buffering page can be very annoying. This is one of the limitations of LTE and 5G networks, but it is also common.

There are a few things that can be done to improve your 5G network data speed and rates:

1. Try New Phone or Better Hotspot

There is a possibility that your phone is not supporting the new bands and so it would be advisable to use a new and updated phone or a better hotspot. Better and newer devices can support newer versions of networks like LTE or 5G and hence allow faster data speed.

2. Use External Antennas

You can use external antennas. A lot of famous carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have hotspots that support external antenna ports. These external antennas have proved to improve signal strength and signal quality, which can give you access to bands that cannot come indoors. 

3. Use Signal Booster

You can use a signal booster if you cannot have access to the external antenna ports. Some hotspots and almost all mobile phone networks do not have external antenna ports. 

Hence, if you have a phone and need a faster speed, then you can improve the data rates through a signal booster. These signal boosters amplify your signal and increase the signal strength (RSRP). 

4. Locate the Tower

The 5G network can be obstructed due to the things in the environment. It can be blocked by trees, houses, construction materials, and even leaves. So, it becomes important to locate the tower and make sure there are as few obstacles as possible between your device and the tower. 

Applications like Open Signal help you locate your nearest tower easily. But it is important to note that if you’re connecting to a high band frequency, you can probably see the tower.

5. Choose your Carrier Wisely

It is important to invest in a carrier or a service provider that is reliable. You should first research which carrier provides the best high band coverage in your area and make your decisions accordingly. Make sure to choose your options wisely and put your money into getting a good high-speed connection. 


It is noticed that the 5G network is slow at times in some areas. To overcome that and get a network connection that is high speed and smooth, there are some techniques that you can adopt. This can include using a signal booster or external antennas. 

You can also try and change your hotspot or your service provider to get better services. It is important that you are in close proximity to the tower and there are no obstacles between your device and the tower.

By using these methods, you can try to enjoy fast speed and hassle-free connection easily.