How do I Know if My Phone is 5G?

5G was introduced a couple of years back and has left people amazed with its mind-boggling features! This latest network technology hit the markets in 2018 and continues to grow globally.

Beyond speed improvement, the 5G technology can also unleash a vast IoT ecosystem for more reliable, faster communication between billions of connected devices.

This stunning network has expanded dramatically in both speed and coverage, making it the right time to check whether your phone can connect or is ready to upgrade to avail of its benefits!

How Do I Know If My Phone Is 5G?

You can quickly identify if your phone is compatible with the 5G network or not. You can use a couple of ways to do this.

One common way is to check the top bar of our phone screens for the 5G symbol. Your smartphone has to be disconnected from wifi to see the symbol. 

Another way to find out is to research the model of the phone that you’re using. Reading the manufacturer’s description of your phone can help you verify if your phone is 5G or not.

In addition to these methods, you can even confirm it in the settings of your phone. In case your phone is compatible with 5G, you will be able to see it under the “cellular data” tab in settings.

When it comes to iPhones, as of now, 5G is supported in iPhones 12 and 13 only. So, in this case, there is no need to verify or confirm by any other means.

Talking about Androids, Knowing the exact model number of your phone can be very beneficial. As a matter of fact, there are way too many Android models compatible with 5G in today’s date and time.

To check if your Android device is compatible with 5G or not, you can go to the settings application and look for a network type option. In case 5G appears on the available network list, it implies that 5G is supported in your device.

How do I know if my SIM Card is 5G? 

A 5G SIM card is a fortified secure element that is the only means to access the 5G cellular network technology.

You must know that all your sims are ready for the 5G network. However, to use it, you will have to update your network preferences with your service provider and get a 5G plan. 

So, no special SIM card is required to experience the 5G network. However, having a suitable phone device is a prerequisite to experiencing 5G. 

How do I Know if my Phone is 5G Ready? 

All the major smartphone companies of the world are in a race to develop a model with the most advanced features and technology.

 In recent times, with the 5G cellular network gaining massive popularity, big companies are developing software that supports this latest technology.

So the question arises, besides the Brand’s advertising the smartphone’s 5G capability, how can you verify if your phone actually supports 5G or not? The most comfortable way is to search the model name of your smartphone on the internet and see whether it is compatible with the 5G or not.

Checking the smartphone manual can also be helpful because all specifications about the device are usually mentioned there. In the manual, look for the Network field. It should list 5G bands.

A much easier method is to go through the “Settings” option on your smartphone. Click on the “cellular network” option, and if it shows a 5G option, then that means your phone supports it.

How Do I Know if My Phone is 5G Compatible? 

You must know that when it comes to iPhones, only models above iPhone 12 support 5G. This means that if you have any model below iPhone 12, you will not be able to use 5G on that. 

It needs to be noted that in iPhones if you are using a dual sim, you will not be able to use 5G if both sims are working. To enable 5G, you will have to disable anyone sim.

When it comes to Android smartphones, you can quickly check the 5G compatibility of the device by looking for the specifications of the device online. 

Visit the manufacturer’s website and type the model number of your device in the search bar. Now, when the specifications appear, go to the network tab. Click on the arrow or expand the option to see all the specifications. Check if it supports 5G or not.

How to Know if your Phone is 5G Enabled? 

There are two ways to know if your phone is 5G enabled.

The first way is to go through your smartphone settings to check if your phone is 5G enabled or not. Follow the below steps to check if your phone is 5G or not:

Step 1: Tap the “settings” icon on your smartphone.

Step 2: Select the mobile “network” option.

Step 3: Click on the “network types” option to find the list of the types of networks that your smartphone enables you to use.

Step 4: You will surely see “2G, 3G and 4G”. Only the phones that support 5G will show 5G on the screen.

The second way to verify if your phone is 5G enabled is to check your phone model and then search its specifications online to see if 5G is mentioned in the list or not. 

This can be done by looking through the phone manual too that comes with it during its purchase.

How Do I Know if My Phone is Connected to 5G? 

When your smartphone Is connected to the 5G, it is clearly seen on the status bar. It can also be checked in the settings by verifying the cellular network.

The most straightforward hack is to check the upper right corner of your smartphone screen, where the network towers are usually located. If you see a 5G symbol, then your phone is connected to the 5G.

If you are not able to see the symbol, then that might probably be because of your connection to the wifi. Switch your wifi off for a minute to check whether the 5G symbol appears.

Winding Up

With the passage of time, many countries, including South Africa, China, the UK, India, Canada, US, have started offering some 5G networks. Many mobile brands have also begun supporting 5G services and networks.

With all the pomp that this fast network brings along, it becomes vital to understand whether your smartphone supports the 5G network or not. Along with this, knowing how to verify the same is equally important.