How to Add FlyBuys to Apple Wallet?

Apple Wallet is an app for iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple Watch that allows users to securely manage their debit cards, credit cards, and other financial information.

The word wallet brings to mind of it being primarily associated with banks, payments, and money. Apple Wallet, on the other hand, is a multi-purpose app that not only manages debit and credit cards, but also tickets, boarding passes, gift cards, and other passes.

Flybuys is a loyalty programme that was launched in 1994 by Coles Group and Wesfarmers under a joint venture called loyalty Pacific, and now has a number of additional partners such as Kmart and Bunnings.

How To Add Flybuys To Apple Wallet?

Steps To Add Flybuys To Apple Wallet:

Step 1: Open The Flybuys App

In the top right corner, tap the “My Card” option.

Step 2: Select the “Add to Apple Wallet” Button

You’ll find a new feature after selecting the “My Card” options that allows you to add your Flybuys to your Apple Wallet. The Flybuys will be successfully added to your wallet once you select it.

Step 3: Open The Apple Wallet On Your iPhone

Scroll down and tap modify passes in the Wallet app, then scan the barcode reader at the store’s sale terminal with your iPhone.

Step 4: Avail Rewards From Flybuys

The Flybuys card is added to your wallet after properly scanning the barcode.

Does Flybuys Have An Apple Wallet?

Yes, Flybuys is now officially available through Apple Wallet as well. The Flybuys app will now have the ability to add Flybuys to Apple Wallet, which was made official on July 27, 2021.

This upgrade made iPhone users’ lives more easier and more dependable, as all they have to do now is open their Apple Wallet app and scan the barcode at the store to get enormous rewards.

Why Can’t I Add Flybuys To Apple Wallet?

Flybuys didn’t support Apple Wallet until 2021, but once it did, it made it easy to take advantage of all the benefits by just scanning via the Apple Wallet’s QR reader.

All iPhone users can now add Flybuys to their wallets, but if you are unable to do so, it could be due to one of the following issues:

Make sure you’ve logged into your Flybuys account and linked the Flybuys to your Apple Wallet.
In addition, the Apple Wallet app’s QR code scanner is only available on iOS 12 and iOS 11 devices. As a result, check sure your iPhone is up to date.

If the situation persists, you can seek Flybuys’ assistance and support


Flybuys has gained clients as a result of its integration with Apple Wallet, but it has also proven to be valuable for existing customers in terms of obtaining discounts and advantages quickly and conveniently.

They no longer have to launch the Flybuys app each time they wish to scan the barcode for the Flybuy pass. As this update was formally announced in 2021, many additional features will be introduced over time.