Fixed: Snapchat Front Camera Not Working

Snapchat is a quick and enjoyable way to share the moment with friends and family. Share your Snapchat story and exciting moments with your friends wherever you are!

However, there are times when users are unable to use the Snapchat app due to technical difficulties. One of the most common problems is “Snapchat front camera not working”.

Are you also having problems with the Snapchat app, such as the Snapchat front camera not working? Don’t be worried; you are not alone. Many other folks are experiencing the same problem.

We’ll explain why Snapchat’s front camera isn’t working and how to solve it in this post.

Why is Snapchat Front Camera Not Working?

Snapchat’s front camera is not working because either camera permission is blocked, or there are technical glitches with the Snapchat app, or the internet connection is unreliable.

Aside from that, there’s a possibility you just upgraded the newest version of the Snapchat app, and there’s a bug/glitch in the current version.

How to Fix “Snapchat Front Camera Not Working”?

Fix 1: Allow Camera Access

The first step in getting access to the camera is to grant camera permission in the Snapchat app. This will fix your problem.

So, to resolve the Snapchat front camera not working issue, provide the camera access to Snapchat App. 

To Enable the camera access in the Snapchat app, follow below steps:

Android Users:  Open settings >> Apps and notifications >> Select All applications >> Click Snapchat >> Open permissions >> and allow camera access.

iPhones Users:  Click iPhone settings >> O open the Snapchat app >> Turn on the camera and microphone.

After enabling camera access, verify that Snapchat’s front camera is working or not now. If the Snapchat front camera is still not working, try the below mentioned fixes.

Fix 2: Wait till Snapchat Fix the Issue

If the Snapchat front camera is not working, there is a good chance that there is a technical problem with the Snapchat app or that the Snapchat app server is down, which the Snapchat team is aware of and trying to resolve.

In this case, you have no choice except to wait until the problem is rectified on Snapchat’s end or the Snapchat server is online.

Fix 3: Check Internet Connection Status

Make sure you have a reliable internet connection or high speed internet. You can have problems with the Snapchat Front Camera not working if the wifi network connection on your mobile device is slow.

So, verify the speed of your internet. Check your router if you’re using wifi or turn on and off your mobile data.

Additionally, try switching from wifi to mobile network or from mobile network to wifi to fix the issue.

Fix 4: Clear Snapchat App Cache

The majority of the time, clearing the app cache will fix any problems with the app.

So, Clear the cache in the Snapchat app to resolve the front camera not working issue. To clear cache from the Snapchat App, follow the below steps:

Android users: Go to settings >> Application Manager >> Tap on Snapchat app >> Tap on clear cache. Snapchat App cache will be cleared.

iPhone users: Go to iPhone settings >> Find Snapchat App and click >> Click delete button >> now again reinstall Snapchat app. (Note: It would uninstall and reinstall the Snapchat App into your iPhone).

Check if the Snapchat app Front Camera is working fine or not after clearing the cache.

Fix 5: Reboot Your Phone or Laptop

If the aforementioned methods are ineffective, there could be a problem with your phone rather than the Snapchat server side. Restart your phone or laptop after closing Snapchat App to fix the Front Camera not working issue.

Now, Verify that the Snapchat Front Camera is working fine after restarting the phone or Laptop you are using.


First, Check for a stable internet connection, also some of the time, clearing the Browser cache will fix problem with the Snapchat app front camera not working. Once done, Snapchat front camera will start working fine for you.

Another possibility is that the Snapchat server may have some technical issues. Wait till the Snapchat technical team resolves those issues in this scenario.