Fix: YouTube Subscriptions not Showing Up

Over the years, YouTube has expanded to a great extent. It has grown to become one of the world’s most popular media.

It is used as a lifestyle and experience-sharing platform by influencers, travel addicts and food bloggers with the rest of the globe.

YouTube is used to post videos, like, comment and share the videos with family and friends. It also allows viewers/users to subscribe to their favourite channels and keep tabs on them.

Subscriptions to YouTube channels allow individuals to stay updated with their most liked channels and locate all of their most liked content in one location.

Why are YouTube Subscriptions not Showing Up? 

Below can be the reason that YouTube Subscriptions are not Showing Up:

  • The most common reason can be due to internet issue. It can be due to a poor connection that you are unable to see YouTube subscriptions. If you want the app to function correctly and you want to check who you’re subscribed to, you’ll need a good internet connection. In order to see your subscriptions, you’ll have to ensure you have a stable and strong internet connection. 
  • Because of a glitch in Youtube app, you may not be able to see your subscriptions on YouTube. Apps can have bugs. Fortunately, developers are quick to notice these flaws and either repair them or bring out new programme versions with no flaws.
  • A further possibility YouTube subscriptions are really not popping up is if the YouTube app’s servers are unavailable. If the servers in your precise location go down, it implies that people in your direct proximity will be unable to check their subscriptions.
  • Another reason why you are facing this error may be because you are using an older version of YouTube. You may not have updated your app to the latest version. 

How to Fix “YouTube Subscriptions Not Showing” Error?

Fix 1.  Use the Stable Internet Connection

The most common reason for the error may be an unstable or slow internet connection. To fix the issue, follow below steps:

  • Restart your internet router.
  • Restart your device.
  • try using Wi-Fi instead of cellular data
  • contact your internet service provider

You can also use another browser, If you are still facing internet issues, then you must switch to a more stable connection.

Fix 2. Wait till YouTube fix the Technical Issue

Due to a spike in the number of users using YouTube at the same time or due to Youtube servers might be down, your Youtube subscriptions aren’t popping up.

It is YouTube’s responsibility to get its app running again. You’ll have to hold back for the servers to be back again, which could take several hours. 

Fix3. Try to Resubscribe to The Channel

You can resubscribe to a YouTube channel if the YouTube subscriptions list is showing, or if a certain YouTube channel is not showing in the list of subscriptions.

To verify this, return to the subscribed channels section and recheck if your subscribed channels are showing or not.

Fix 4. Re-Open the YouTube

Another reason for facing the issue can be a glitch in the app, which you can fix by just restarting the application.

A flaw in the app’s system can be eradicated simply by restarting your device when the programme is resumed.

It’s also a simple step that will alert you if there’s a serious problem with the app.

You can reopen the programme after closing it from the activity menu to see whether the problem has been eliminated. 

Fix 5: Clear the Cookies and Caches

The next step is to delete the cache files from YouTube. Cache files are short term files that are saved on YouTube to load things faster.

When you repeat the same activity after these files are removed, you’ll experience a smoother interface, and deleting the cache might resolve issues that prevent YouTube subscribers from appearing. 

Fix 6. Update The Youtube App to Latest Version

 you may be using an older version of YouTube, which might be the reason behind an error of that sort. In that case, you will have to update YouTube. 

  • Open the play store application on your device. 
  • Search “YouTube” to update the application. 
  • Now click on “update.” 
  • Your app will not be updated to the latest version. Check if you are now able to see your YouTube subscription. 

Fix 7. Restart Your Phone

Another reason you might not be able to see your YouTube subscription is a bug in your device.

To fix such glitches, you may restart your gadget. Restarting your gadget will fix glitches or bugs on your device, which in turn can fix your problem of subscriptions not showing up.  

Fix 8. Reset the Network Settings

Resetting the network settings will resolve any network issues that are preventing the YouTube subscription list from appearing.

Resetting these settings removes all network-related settings, which may help to resolve the issue with the app. After doing this, the device’s settings will revert to how they were in the initial stage. You can refer to the following steps to reset settings: 

  • Open the Settings application on your device
  • Go to “system” under settings. 
  • Click on “reset” under the system. 
  • As the next step, click on “reset network settings”. 
  • Confirm your action by again clicking on “reset network settings.” 
  • After your device has been rebooted, go back to YouTube and see whether you can view your subscriptions. 


This error can occur for various reasons, one of the most prominent being a poor network connection and a glitch from YouTube’s end.  

It is also possible for your device to have a bug that can be easily resolved by restarting your device.

There can be several other reasons behind this error that are explained above in this article. 

Fortunately, this error can be very easily solved by following a few simple steps.

Therefore, this article contains all the possible reasons associated with an error of that sort and solutions on how to fix the error.