Fix: TikTok Auto Sync Not Working

Your TikTok auto sync feature may not be working because you have not updated TikTok to the latest version.

Below can be the reasons that your TikTok Auto Sync Not Working:

  • Your network connection is not working fine.
  • There is a bug or glitch within the app.
  • Your app is not updated to the latest version,
  • The uncleared cache may cause this issue.
  • You may not have allowed TikTok to access the Wi-Fi or mobile network. 

You can resolve these issues using the following fixes:

Fix 1: Update Your TikTok

The auto sync feature might not be working because the TikTok application is not being updated to the latest version.

Go to the ‘play store’ and check whether any updates are available for the application and download and install the updates if there are any.

Fix 2: Check Your Network Connection

Check whether your internet connection is working fine or not and if not then try turning it on and off.

Fix 3: Clear The Cache

The uncleared cache may cause the problem of auto sync not working so go to the application manager in your settings, select TikTok and tap on the clear cache button. And then try checking whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Fix 4: Re-Install The TikTok App

Uninstall your TikTok application and then after a few minutes download it again. Then check whether auto sync is working or not.

Fix 5: Switch Your Network

If you were using Wi-Fi while auto sync not working error occurred then switch to the mobile network or vice-versa and check whether the auto sync is working fine or not.

Fix 6: Wait Till the Bug is Fixed

You might have been facing an auto sync not working issue due to the bug within the application. So, you can wait till the bug or error has been resolved by TikTok.


The auto sync feature provided by TikTok makes sure that the audios that you want to add to the video clips go on smoothly without any hassle and get synced with the audio as if it was made for it.

Auto Sync feature can be simply added to the video clips after selecting the video and the audio that you want to sync.

Auto sync makes the sound clip tune in with the video and gives it a smooth finish making it the best merge. It has made editing much easier and hassle-free.