Fix: Smite Not Working

Smite is a multiplayer game wherein three people can play online and fight in the combat arena.

Smite is played by many players but it is also common to face issues with the game.

One such issue is when Smite does not start. Smite not working can be very frustrating for the user as the game gets stuck on a particular screen or may not start. 

Why is Smite Not Working?

Smite Game might not work because of either the game files are corrupted or the antivirus is installed on your system and restricting you to open the Smite app.

Smite app is not working for you might be because you are using an Outdated HDD or system Graphics card is outdated or you have incompatible system requirements with Smite.

Below are the possible reasons that Smite App is not working:

  • Antivirus Is Preventing Smite From Working Properly
  • Might be your Smite game files are corrupted
  • Might be you you have uninstalled some major Smite game updates
  • You are using an Outdated HDD(Hard Disk Drive).
  • Incompatible System Requirements
  • Might be your system Graphics Card is Outdated

1. Antivirus is Preventing Smite From Working Properly

Majorly the reason for smite not working is designated to Antivirus. It has been noted that many anti-viruses intervene with the functioning of the game, making it either stop or not launch properly. This action usually occurs due to the firewall preventive action.

2. Game Files Are Corrupted

Smite might not be working on your device due to the presence of corrupt files. As you download the game, there are numerous files that are downloaded along with it. These files are either incomplete in nature or have become corrupt.

3. You Have Uninstalled Some Major Updates

Many Microsoft users have complained about Smite not working after the installation of an update released for Visuals by Microsoft. It can become one of the reasons that these updates have interfered with the launching and functioning of the game.

4. You are Using an Outdated HDD

One of the reasons for Smite not working can be your outdated HDD. to counter this. You will have to take steps to upgrade your HDD.

5. Incompatible System Requirements

Smite is a challenging game that requires high-end hardware. As a result, ensure sure your machine is capable of handling the game. This will ensure that your issue of smite not working is not due to system requirements.

6. Graphics Card is Outdated

Graphics card makers patch their drivers on a regular basis to ensure that they are updated to the latest Triple-A games.

But if the device becomes corrupted, it will cause difficulty while running the game, and thus the user may experience Smite not working.

How to Fix Smite Not Working?

To fix the Smite not working, set your system configuration as required, upgrade your graphic card if needed, turn off the antivirus for Smite app, Uninstall Visual updates by Microsoft and issue would be fixed.

Below are the detailed methods to Fix Smite not Working issue:

Method 1: Check Requirements of System

One of the most prominent reasons for which you may face the Smite not working issue is that the system requirements of the game are not fulfilled.

For that, you will have to ensure that your system fulfils all the specification requirements of the game. 

Note: the system requirements for Smite are:

  • OS: Windows version 7 and above
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: approx 30GB
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo by Intel

Method 2: Upgrade Your Graphics Card

Graphics cards are very important for the proper functioning of a game on your desktop.

If your graphics card is not up to date, then your Smite will not work properly. To check if your card is updated, follow the steps.

Step 1: click on the windows.

Step 2: Select Device Manager from this list. To open it, simply click on it.

Step 3: Select display adaptors from these choices to broaden the range even further.

Step 4: To continue, choose your graphics card.

Step 5: Choose Update (If available)

Hare, choose the method how you want to update the driver. 

Method 3: Turn Off The Antivirus For Smite

Anti viruses are built to defend the computer system from viruses that are latently downloaded with the game.

However, the firewall sometimes interrupts the proper functioning of the game.

To make sure this is not the reason, follow the given steps.

Step 1: Select the Windows menu. 

Step 2: In the search window, type Windows Security.

Step 3: Select Security and Virus Defense from the list of choices on the left side of the action bar.

Step 4: Pick the option of controlling the settings after scrolling down the list from the Virus Protection choices to temporarily deactivate the Antivirus installed by Windows, and then select the arrow buttons underneath the real-time security.

Step 5: Save changes

Step 6: In the Start menu, type Windows Defender Firewall.

Step 7: When you pick Allow an application via Windows Firewall, the first option pops up.  

Step 8: Remove any Smite components from the computation. 

Step 9: Allow another program, navigate to the Smite installation directory, and then click OK.

Method 4: Uninstall Visual Updates By Microsoft

Visual updates by Microsoft are very important for computers to present you with the best visuals for your desktop.

However, few recent updates have proven to be hampering Smite. Check and uninstall such updates if applicable on your desktop.

Press Windows + I to open the Windows Update from the Settings menu. This will allow you to see the upgrade history of your Visual update.

After this, view the list and decide if there is any problematic update. If you identify any such update, then select uninstall.

Method 5: Fix the Integrity of Smite App

The integrity of any game shows whether the files of the game are in proper condition on not.

It is very important for the functioning of the game.

Steps to check the Smite App Integrity:

Step 1: Start your desktop and search for Steam.

Step 2: Select steam to open and proceed. This will direct you to its home page.

Step 3: Go to your Steam library after launching the client.

Step 4: Go to the Smite and right-click its icon. Choose the option of verifying the integrity of the game.

Step 5: Any lost or damaged file will now be repaired or restored by Steam.

Step 6: Allow the procedure to finish before attempting to launch the game.

Method 6: Reinstall the Smite App

The easiest fix to remove errors that might be unknown to you is by uninstalling and then reinstalling the game.

This can be done easily by using steam.

Go to your Steam library and open Smite ->> uninstall the game ->> Remove the game from Steam ->> Go to the steam menu and search for Smite. Then, from the Steam main menu, reinstall the game in SSD.

Method 7: Contact The Smite Support Team

Submit a service request if you’re still experiencing problems after that. They offer fantastic Customer Service representatives ready to assist customers with technical and network connection improvement tips.

When you make a report, the most important information they require is the name you use while playing and the match ID of when the incident occurred.

They might utilize this information to look at specific occurrences of network/server outages and pinpoint where they occurred in order to improve our systems.

Smite Play Button Not Working Issue

Smite play button not working is the error where you click on the play button, and it does nothing.

You are still stuck on the home screen, and the game is not moving forward. Below are some fixes which might help you 

Method 1: Change The Character

Some gamers suggested that altering the gamer’s avatar would assist, albeit this is only a temporary cure for not being able to move forward after clicking the Smite Play option. 

Method 2: Correct The Steam Files

It is suggested that checking the steam files may aid in the process of resolving the Smite Play option.

Method 3: Check The Installation Files Of Hi-Rez

Step 1: To start the Smite game, right-click on it.

Step 2: Open Properties to choose from

Step 3: Go over to the Files tab and choose Local Files.

Step 4: Right-click on the game to start it.

Step 5: Tap On the properties option

Step 6: Go over to the Files tab and choose Local Files.

Step 7: Choose Access local files from this menu.

Step 8: Select the Binaries folder after this window has opened.

Step 9: Select the Redist file there.

Step 10: Select Hi-Rez setup files from the drop-down menu.

Step 11: Apply the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.