Fix: Pull Up For Precise Seeking Problem on Youtube

Recently Users on Youtube have started reporting the Pull Up For Precise Seeking issue.

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Issue: Pull Up For Precise Seeking Problem on Youtube

Lot of users have reported and shared the Pull Up For Precise Seeking issue on Youtube on Social media channel as Twitter,Reddit and Instagram.

Below are some updates ans comments people are sharing on Social media about Pull Up For Precise Seeking issue on Youtube issue:

“Suddenly i am no longer able to skip to a specific point in the video by clicking on a progress bar, because when i do that it enters precise seeking mode until i exit it. This problem appears only on 1 specific google account, on other accounts or when i log off everything works just fine. Anyone knows how to fix that?”

“Thing called Precise seeking has been active when ever i view videos, but only when im signed in and cant find a setting to turn it off anywhere or even any info on google, basicly when i click the progress bar to skip ahead in the video it will pop up a line of pictures and pause the video almost like somthing youd get on a mobile and its doing my head in, any help getting rid of it would be great”

“When I want to see the content a little bit further and I click on the progress bar, the video will be paused and pops up a frame cut under the progress bar, instead of normally u just click one place and expect the video keeps playing from there.

Below let discuss how we can fix the Pull Up For Precise Seeking issue on Youtube issue in detail:

How to Fix Pull Up For Precise Seeking Problem on Youtube?

To fix Pull Up For Precise Seeking Problem on Youtube, Go to Youtube -> Click on Profile Pic -> Click ‘Settings’ -> Click ‘Accessibility’ and toggle the ‘Accessibility Player’ option as ‘On’.

Further, also set the “hide player control” settings as per your requirement; available options are: ‘After 3 seconds’, ‘After 5 seconds’, ‘After 10 seconds’, ‘After 30 seconds’ or use as ‘Use device settings’ which uses the default device configuration.

By default ‘Hide player controls’ is set to ‘Never’.

Below are some users comments who tried different ways to fix the Pull Up For Precise Seeking Problem on Youtube from there side and it worked for them:

“The best solution at the moment is to click the video you want to watch and sign out of your YouTube account to watch it. It sucks but it’s the only way since this is an account based bug.”

“Right-click on the video and click the “troubleshoot playback issue”. Send anything like “Turn off the Precise seeking feature”! That would help shortly!”

“My temporary solution is to click on the seeking bar and press space bar immediately after. It makes the video start playing.”

“Looks like it’s due to a feature YouTube had for a while. It’s called “precise seeking.” When you enter precise seeking mode, the video pauses. Originally, you had to drag the timeline upwards to enter precise seeking mode. Now, just clicking the timeline enters you into precise seeking mode. To avoid entering precise seeking mode, drag the timeline downwards while skipping around.”

“I was able to turn it off just now. (I don’t know if I turned it off or it was just a random coincidence but it doesn’t happen anymore).

All I did was to ‘troubleshoot playback issue’ and highlighted the whole timeline. Then I just said please turn it off as feedback.”