Fix: Packages to install: – Android Emulator (emulator) MacBook Pro M1

If you try to install the Android Emulator 31.3.10 to Android Studio MacBook Pro M1, you might face the below error:

Packages to install: - Android Emulator (emulator)
Preparing "Install Android Emulator (revision: 31.3.10)".
This download could not be finalized from the interim state. Retrying without caching.
Failed packages:
 - Android Emulator (emulator)

Issue is seen because of bug into Android Emulator 31.3.10 version, there isn’t much you can do from your end except to wait till Android technical team fix the issue.

To fix the issue, Uninstall Android Studio and clean all files using command ‘rm -rf ~/.android \’, install the Android Studio using JetBrains Toolbox and run the startup again and error Packages to install: – Android Emulator (emulator) would be fixed.

rm -rf ~/.android \
       ~/Library/Application\ Support/Google/AndroidStudio2021.2 \

//Mention code whichever you are currently running.

Issue has been reported to Google Developer team and issue can tracked on link.