Fix: Firebase Messaging Android: ensure only messaging permission request is processed Error

Recently into Android 13, Applications started crash on devices with Android 13 during permission request with plugin v13 and targetSDK less than 33 or even 33.

Issue is basically seen when you are using ‘firebase_messaging plugin with v13.0′, ‘app using targetSdk 32 or 33’ and you are using ‘FirebaseMessaging.instance.requestPermission(…)’ to request permission.

Issue is seen when use the permission_handler package to request the notification permission. If you use firebase_messaging to request the permission using command ‘await FirebaseMessaging.instance.requestPermission()’ then issue doesn’t appear.

To fix the issue, downgrade the firebase_messaging version to 12.0.3 or wait until there is official release fix is available from technical team.

Issue has been already reported on Github firebase and been tracked down on link. You can read the additional information on shared link.