Fix: Bomb Crypto Error

Bomb crypto is a game that is basically NFT-based, and it revolves around a group of bomb heroes fighting with the monsters to earn money in the form of BCOIN.

BHERO and BHOUSE are the two NFT items the bomb crypto game offers. Each player requires a bomber hero to play the game. And this bomber hero needs to go to the bomber’s house to gain stamina.

The game can be played in different modes, such as story mode, battle mode, and treasure hunt mode.

BITCOIN, or bomber crypto coin, is the native currency of the game that can be used by the player to buy a bomber house or bomber hero.

This game can be played on the PC and has also got an android application.

Bomb Crypto Wrong Network Error

Bomb Crypto Wrong Network Error occurs when you open and load the game and seen because of a change or issue in your network connection.

Your abrupt interruption in the network connection may cause it. It can be fixed with some methods that can resolve the error.

How To Fix Bomb Crypto Wrong Network Error?

Fix 1: Reloading Your Browser

Reload or refresh your web browser or game application whenever you face the issue.

You can click on the reload this page button present on the top left corner of your screen, or you may close the window and open the browser again. 

Fix 2: Clearing Your Cache

Always clear the cookie and cache on your browser as it may be the reason behind the error, and remember to keep the time range set to all time.

You can clear the cache on your web browser at all times. Follow these steps:

  • Open the settings of your web browser.
  • Select the cache and cookie option and set the time range to all times.
  • Complete your action by clicking on the clear data button.

Fix 3: Using Any VPN

Try using a premium VPN like Fast VPN while playing the game because sometimes the IP address of the game is banned in some countries.

You can download the free VPN as well from the google play store, and then all you need to do is connect to a free country, and then you will be able to use Bomb Crypto error-free.

Fix 4: Checking The Smart Chain On MetaMask

While loading the game, sometimes the webserver stops suddenly, which leads to a wrong network error, and your MetaMask automatically selects Ethereum in place of the smart chain.

Check whether the smart chain is selected on your MetaMask or not.

You can do this by clicking on the MetaMask profile on your browser, and then on the top-right corner, you can see the smart chain option, click on it and check for the same. 

Fix 5: Reinstalling The Bomb Crypto Game

Uninstall the game from your device and then install it again after a few minutes. This may resolve your issue as there might be a bug in the game. 


Bomb crypto is an NFT-based game that involves a team of bomber players trying to gain BCOIN or BHOUSE by fighting with the monsters. BCOIN is the native cryptocurrency of this game.

The player often faces a wrong network issue while loading the bomb crypto game. And this issue can be resolved by reloading the web browser or game application, clearing the cache and cookies on the web browser, etc.