Fix: Azure Failed to pull image Error

When you are working on azure, sometime you might see the ‘Failed to pull image’ error.

Error Failed to pull image in Azure AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) is basically seen because of technical issue, downtime or wrong DNS entries addition and you are not able to pull the images correctly.

Customers running Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) VMs who had Ubuntu Unattended-Upgrades enabled would have experienced the following: 

  • Loss of DNS resolution capabilities for resolving DNS queries impacting networking

You can check the DNS entires for installed azure application to /etc/resolv.conf file.

There is nothing much you can do except to wait till the Azure technical team fix the issue from backend.

Azure Failed to pull image Error is seen many times because of any ongoing technical issue Azure backend itself.

You can track the Azure ongoing issue status at here.