Fix: 8 Ball Pool Not Connecting to Facebook Error

The biggest and most well-known multiplayer pool game online is 8 Ball Pool! Play billiards for free against friends and other players in one-on-one matches, and enter tournaments to win huge money! You’ll earn Pool Coins for winning as you progress through the game.

Many users are having problems with 8 Ball Pool since they are not able to connect in using Facebook.

Are you having trouble using Facebook to connect into 8 Ball Pool or does the 8 Ball Pool Facebook Login not seem to be functioning for you? You are not alone, so don’t worry. Many other folks are experiencing the same problem.

We will discuss the reasons of the 8 Ball Pool Facebook connecting issue in this article, along with solutions.

Why You Can’t Connect into 8 Ball Pool Using Facebook?

There is a glitch in the 8 Ball Pool game that stops people from connecting in using Facebook.

The 8 Ball Pool team claims that the problem only affects fresh Facebook logins. Make sure NOT to log out of your 8 Ball Pool account since you may continue to play regularly if you are currently signed in.

Your browser could be preventing essential Cookies that are required for the game to function correctly if something is preventing you from playing 8 Ball Pool.

How to Fix 8 Ball Pool Facebook Connect Error?

Fix 1: Wait Till Bug Is Resolved by 8 Ball Pool Development Team

If there is a bug in the 8 Ball Pool game, the development team is aware of it and is working quickly to fix it.

Therefore, wait till the 8 Ball Pool development team has addressed the problem.

Fix 2: Make Your Browser Accept Third-Party Cookies

Check to see whether third-party cookies are enabled if you are unable to log into 8 Ball Pool using Facebook.

Make third-party cookies available if they’re currently turned off. You will be able to log into 8 Ball Pool using Facebook when this resolves the problem.


Enable third-party cookies in your browser to fix the 8 Ball Pool Facebook Connecting error. You will be able to log into 8 Ball Pool using Facebook when this resolves the problem.