FedEx Tracking not Working

“Connecting people with goods, services and ideas creates opportunities and improves lives. At FedEx, we believe that a connected world is a better world, and that belief guides everything we do.” Fedex Says.

Are you facing issue in FedEx Tracking on official website? Don’t worry you are not alone. Lot of other people also facing same issue.

In this post, we’ll cover both the causes and solutions for the FedEx Tracking not working.

Why Fedex Tracking Not Working?

Fedex Website Showing the Error

The following reasons may be responsible for the FedEx Tracking not working issue.

  • The FedEx server may be offline, that’s why the website access isn’t working.
  • The FedEx website may have some technical issues.
  • The Citizens Bank App not working problem might also be caused by an unstable mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Minor bugs in your device might potentially issue with the FedEx official website isn’t proper functioning.

How to Fix “FedEx Tracking Not Working”?

Fix 1: Wait till the FedEx Tracking technical issue Gets Resolved

If FedEx official website tracking isn’t working, there’s a good chance the FedEx server is down or there’s a technical problem, which the FedEx team is already aware of and trying to fix.

As FedEx official website is showing the error, System Currently Unavailable, We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Some of our online services are temporarily unavailable. We are working quickly to resolve the issue and regret any inconvenience. If you require immediate assistance, please contact Customer Service.

You have no choice but to wait till the FedEx technical team resolves the problem or the FedEx server is operational in this case.

Fedex Website Showing the Error

Fix 2: Check Internet Connection Status

Make sure you have a reliable internet connection or high speed internet. You can have problems with the FedEx Tracking if the wifi network connection on your mobile device is slow.

So, verify the speed of your internet. Check your router if you’re using wifi or turn on and off your mobile data.

Additionally, try switching from wifi to mobile network or from mobile network to wifi to fix the issue.

Fix 3: Clear Browser Cache

Some of the time, clearing the Browser cache will fix any problems with the FedEx Tracking app.

So, Clear the cache in the browser to resolve the FedEx tracking problem.

To clear chrome browser cache, follow the below steps:

Open the Chrome Browser >> At the top right, click More >> Clear browsing data >> choose a time range. To delete all, select All time

Check if the FedEx tracking is working fine or not after clearing the browser cache.

Fix 4: Reboot Your Phone or Laptop

If the aforementioned methods are ineffective, there could be a problem with your phone rather than the FedEx Tracking server side. Restart your phone or laptop after closing browser.

Now, Verify that the FedEx Website is up and is working fine after restarting the phone or Laptop you are using.


First, Check for a stable internet connection, Some of the time, clearing the Browser cache will fix any problems with the FedEx Tracking app. Once done, FedEx tracking will start working fine for you.

Another possibility is that the FedEx Tracking official website may have some technical issues. Wait till the FedEx technical team resolves those issues in this scenario.