How to use Dynamic Island Pet iPhone 14

As Dynamic Island is the new feature rolled out by Apple to iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

People are trying to use new features and other functions to integrate with Dynamic Island.

Screenshot: Dynamic Island Feature iPhone 14

Christian Selig, Reddit Apollo App developer, tried to explore the Dynamic Island capabilities and released a statement: “I found the best idea for the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro. I added a cat that lives up there like a tamagotchi and just hangs out and does cute stuff as you browse Reddit in my app (Apollo)”.

Screenshot: Add Pet Apollo to Dynamic Island iPhone 14

How to use Dynamic Island Pet iPhone 14

Steps to Use Dynamic Island Pet on iPhone 14

Step 1: Go to the Appstore

Step 2: Download and Open Apollo App

Step 3: Click View Pixel Pal to continue

Step 4: Choose your Pet(Cat, Dog or others as Hedgehog,Fix or Axolotl)

Step 5: Your Pet with using Reddit Apollo App would start appear immediately.

in Apollo App, Dog and Cats are free to use, use for rest Pets needs premium paid account.

Now you would be able to see the your pet walks simultaneously with Reddit Apollo App in Dynamic Island area.

Screenshot: How to add Pet to Dynamic Island iPhone 14
Screenshot: Add Pet to Dynamic Island iPhone 14