Does 5G Use More Battery?

5G is the fifth generation network after its predecessor, 4G, and provides its users with the benefits of high-speed internet, high capacity, and low latency network. 

Different 5G devices have been launched to support this network for over a year now. These devices with a 5G network will help us in saving time and doing our work or stream a more comfortable process.

Does 5G Use More Battery?

Yes. Since the 5G network is now as readily available as the 4G network, the 5G devices take time to look out for network and connection. Due to this process, it has been said that a 5G device might get drained quicker to locate the nearest tower. 

So, with the current situation of the 5G network, a phone may drain its battery quicker than 4G devices. There can be several reasons why 5G makes phone batteries drain faster. 5G devices keep switching between 4G and 5G networks according to availability. 

5G coverage is not available everywhere, so your device will keep switching. When a phone connects to multiple networks simultaneously, the phone gets warm and drains quickly in comparison to being connected to one network. 

Phone battery with a 5G network can depend on a lot of factors. It depends on how you use your phone; for example, if you use your phone to do a lot of gaming, it is possible that your battery will drain faster.

From another point of view, 5G can actually save battery life because it is much faster than other networks. So, if you are downloading a large file or streaming a video, a 5G network will make it happen faster than a normal network. This also means that with a faster speed, 5G also consumes more data which will use more battery. 

Does 5G Drain Your Battery Faster?

Yes, 5G does drain a phone’s battery faster than any other network. Since 5G is not present everywhere at this point in time, this network is not enough to function. The device automatically switches to other available networks whenever 5G is not available. Due to this reason, 5G devices tend to drain their battery faster.

Does 5G Consume More Battery?

Yes, a phone working on a 5G network can consume more battery. A phone can drain its battery when the data is being used more than usual. In the case of 5G, people use more data in general than any other network making it consume more battery in comparison to other networks. 

When you have a fast-speed internet and efficient and quick streaming device, you also tend to spend more time and get more things done at the same time, making the device low on battery much earlier than usual.

Does Turning Off 5G Save Battery?

Yes, turning off the 5G network has proved to save battery. 5G consumes more battery than other networks. By turning off the 5G, you can conserve the battery life of your phone.

You can always choose to use the LTE network when you do not require the services and facilities provided by the 5G network conserving your device’s battery. 

How Much More Power Does 5G Use?

In comparison to other networks, 5G uses a lot more battery and power, but the energy consumption for 5G is less than the 4G network. 

In a 5G tower, a 64T64R active antenna unit’s (AAU) maximum energy consumption will be an estimated 1 to 1.4 kW to 2 kW for a baseband unit (BBU).

Does 5G Auto Drain The Battery?

When you enable 5G Auto, it automatically works on a Smart data mode switching to 4G LTE whenever the 5G network cannot provide a better experience. 

This saves battery life and improves your device’s connection also. 5G, on the other hand, always uses the 5G network when it is available, reducing the battery life of your device. 

Should You use 5G “On” or 5G “Auto”?

“5G Auto” can enable the smart data mode and save your battery life by switching to 4G LTE whenever required, whereas the 5G network will always function on the 5G network. So, it can be said that to improve your battery life and work smartly. You should use your phone on “5G Auto”. 

Why is 5G more Efficient?

5G has proved to be a more advanced and effective network than its predecessors. There are a lot of benefits associated with the 5G network, some of which are mentioned below:

1. High Speeds

The 5G network allows the user to download big files like movies and videos in seconds. With a high speed of 20 Gbps speed, it enables organisations to use the network for multiple purposes that require a fast internet connection. The robust technology has proved to be time-consuming for people all around the world.

2. Increased Capacity 

5G network can deliver 100 times more than the 4G network. It allows multiple operations to improve the performance of an individual or an organisation. With an increased capacity, there is an increase in efficiency and competence.

3. Low Latency 

Due to the low latency of 5G, it can support and handle new applications such as virtual reality, AI, and IoT, more effectively in comparison to 4G. It makes surfing the internet hassle-free with smoother and more efficient results. 5G’s low latency is as low as one millisecond. This can also be beneficial for WAN usage. Businesses can replace the expensive MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) with 5G connections making it cost-effective for the organisation. 

4. More Bandwidth 

With an increased bandwidth of a 5G network, any data can be transferred within seconds. It has a big advantage over the 4G LTE technology with an improvement of 10-100 times better speed.

5. Increased Density Of Connected Devices

5G allows up to 100 times more connected devices in the same area in comparison to the 4G network. This benefits different e-commerce with more customers using mobiles to do various activities such as online shopping.

 6. Reduction In Power Consumption

With 5G coming, there is an estimation that there will be approximately a 90% reduction in power consumption for devices. This means that these devices can last longer, showing 10-year remote battery life.

Does 5G Use More Battery in iPhone 12?

Yes, the 5G uses more battery in the iPhone 12. Apple introduced its iPhone 12 model with an inbuilt technology that supports a 5G network. When a 5G network is used on this phone, it has been seen that the battery life of the phone reduces by approximately 20 per cent. 

Does 5G Use More Battery Than Wi-Fi?

No. There is not much difference between the battery consumption of 5G and Wi-Fi. Both of them work on high power consumption, but 5G has several other advantages over Wi-Fi in terms of speed and capacity.

Does 5G Use More Battery Than 4G?

Yes, 5G does use more battery than 4G network. While we work or stream on a device that has a 5G network, we end up using more data and hence more battery. The data can be used in a better quality video watching experience, gaming, or working. 

5G also is not available everywhere, and so the device needs to automatically switch over networks in order to provide the appropriate facilities to its user, draining more battery in the process. 

Does 5G Use More Battery On iPhone?

Yes, 5G uses more battery on the iPhone, and it has been researched and seen that it reduces an iPhone’s battery life by about 20 per cent. This battery can be utilised due to the consumption of more data or the coverage area of the 5G network. 

Does 5G use more battery in iPhone 13?

Yes, 5G does use more battery in iPhone 13. The latest model of iPhone launched by Apple- the iPhone 13, comes with a technology that is meant to support the 5G network. It has been seen that while using 5G on these phones, they tend to get discharged a little earlier than their normal battery life. 

Does 5G Use More Battery Than 4G/LTE?

Yes, due to its faster speed and the ability to consume more data in less time, 5G does use more battery in comparison to 4G LTE. LTE functions on fewer data and can stream lower definition videos in comparison to 5G. As a result, it consumes less battery.

One of the other reasons is the availability of a 5G network. Since the 5G network is not available everywhere, it keeps switching between different networks like 4G LTE and 4G, draining more battery from the device. 


5G does consume more battery than any other network. It uses more data due to its better facilities of high-definition video streaming and fast speed. It also requires switching over different networks draining more battery life. 

In order to conserve some of the battery life, people can switch their data services to 4G LTE whenever they do not require the fast speed of a 5G network. 

iPhone users can also try “5G Auto” Mode, which automatically, on Smart data mode, switches the network to 4G LTE whenever the 5G network is not providing its user with a better experience.