Does 5G Cause Headaches?

With the merging technology of the 5G network, people are eagerly waiting to use it as their network and get the benefits of high speed, low latency and high capacity internet and cell network. With its numerous advantages, 5G has become the number one choice for the people. 

Despite all these advantages and benefits, 5G has some long term as well as short term health risks associated with it that will prove to be harmful to humans in the coming future. 

The technology and the functionality on which 5G works can have their side effects. Due to the proximity of 5G in our surroundings, it’s better to know about its harmful effects and take precautions rather than being unaware.

The technology used in the 5G network involves electromagnetic fields in the gigahertz range. Most of the other technology that we use in our daily lives involves the EMFs in the megahertz range. 

Since the 5G network has a shorter coverage area and range, the towers emitting these frequencies also have to be more in number as compared to 4G towers. These will be installed on short distances and are riskier. 

The present technology of 3G and 4G networks that are used for different devices and Wi-Fi already have a lot of hazards related to them, and we are aware of them. But, the hazards involved in the 5G network are still being researched and are not yet known. 

Any device that works on Electromagnetic frequency is the cause of various problems, such as birth defects, cancer, and other harmful diseases. If you are exposed to these things way too much, then you get prone to such diseases early in life.

Does 5G Cause Headaches?

5G uses a higher frequency than 3G and 4G technology to provide faster speed and other benefits associated with it. The networks used before 5G could work on a frequency less than 1GHz, but 5G transmits data on a frequency of around 0.6 to 24 GHz. This might even go higher to 71GHz ultimately to provide better services. 

There have been tests to get this frequency up to 300 GHz. With this difference in frequency, it has been promised that 5G will be at least 100 times faster than the 4G network and result in overall growth across the world. 

There has been almost no research related to the health risks involved in using the 5G network and technology. There has been evidence that today’s technology also is used extensively and can increase the risk of cancer and defects in cognitive functions. 

If the low-frequency devices cause such problems, then these things will increase in intensity once the 5G network is introduced. 

These radiations and frequencies get absorbed by the human skin and cause problems. There has also been evidence of a syndrome called electro-hypersensitivity. This results in constant headaches, fatigue, brain fog, etc. 


Over the years, it has been noticed and researched that new-age technology has been harmful to human beings in terms of their health. The radiation emitted from the towers and devices cause different ailments among humans. 

The harmful effects of 5G have not been extensively researched, but they are more in intensity as compared to what we experienced with 3G and 4G networks.