Does 5G Affect Birds?

5G, or the fifth generation of wireless technology, is the most advanced form of mobile network or cellular capability available to us today. 

Designed to enhance user experience, it facilitates greater speed, more flexibility, and a reduced latency paired with impressive bandwidth. 

It provides users with a real-time experience and significant luxury compared to the 4G LTE. 

But there were speculations that 5G affects birds badly, and they can die because of the radiation. Is this true? Should we still use 5G? To know all this, keep reading this post.

Does 5G Affect Birds? 

No. According to recent research, it can be said that 5G does not harm birds. Furthermore, the towers set up to support the technology have not been proven to affect birds, except if they start malfunctioning. 

It is just a justifiable myth that makes us think this way, but in the real sense, birds are not affected by 5G. 

5G Radiation’s Effect On Birds 

Regardless of how comfortable and rapid 5G makes life for us humans, there has been a hint of doubt about how this advanced technology, like any other artificial mode of progress, affects nature around us. 

While taking a closer look at this issue, it was earlier believed that 5G technology can be harmful to birds and might also kill them in great numbers. 

But very recent clarifications from UNICEF state that such allegations and internet rumours are baseless and highly unscientific. 

What Are The 5G Network’s Disadvantages For Birds? 

Although there is truth in the matter that every development method does come with its own set of pros and cons, excessive use of any form of technology might prove fatal for the environment and even human beings. 

But 5G technology, as gathered proof suggests by far, is not responsible for killing birds or emitting radiation that could leave irreversible damage to nature. 

Is 5G Harmful for Birds?

No, 5G is not at all harmful for the birds. But unfortunately, these radiations can be harmful to human beings and become a cause of some short-term and long-term illnesses. 

But, as far as birds are concerned, it has been researched and proved that 5G radiation is not harmful to birds. 


The blatant misinformation and misguided research of such velocity may raise questions. Still, as per experts in science and technology, 5G might be our way into making our work, play, and leisure more effective while also keeping a balance in the ecosystem.