How To Convert 4G Mobile To 5G?

The news of 5G has made people excited and curious about the launch of this new technology that brings fast, high-speed internet along with it. 

It doesn’t only save our time but also makes browsing the internet an easier and hassle-free task. Devices are built to support different types of networks, and so there are 4G as well as 5G devices available in the market.

Because 5G is new, a lot of people are using 4G mobile phones and are intrigued to know if they can convert the 4G mobile to 5G. Well, if you are one of them, keep reading to post. 

Can you Convert 4G Mobile To 5G?

No, You can not convert the 4G mobile to 5G mobile. A 4G mobile can only operate on a 4G network. Even if the device has a 5G sim, it cannot function on a 5G plan. In this situation, the network will automatically work on a 4G network because that is what the device supports. 

The 5G network only works with a 5G supporting device. It is basically an upgrade to 4G and requires the right device, sim and plan to work. 

Can A 4G Phone Be Upgraded To 5G?

No, a 4G device cannot be upgraded to 5G. You will require a 5G device in order to work with 5G connectivity. A 4G device can only support 4G and its lower networks and not give you the signal required to access the 5G network. 

How to Convert 4G Network to 5G ?

If you already have a 5G phone with a 5G plan and sim, then you require to follow a few steps on your mobile phone to get the 5G network working. Below are given steps to change 5G network in phone:

1. Swipe up on your phone

Open your smartphone and swipe up to get access to all of your apps. 

2. Enter the “Settings” App

Find the settings app and tap on it. Type connections on the search bar or select the option in the list below.

3. Click on “Mobile Networks” option

Find the option “Mobile networks” and click on it to check the information about the network your mobile is functioning on.

4. Select “Network Mode” and change

Click on the Network mode option and choose 5G as your preference to get a 5G network on your device.


5G is the fastest and the most efficient network available. To get this network working on your phone, you need to have a device that is 5G. 

A 4G phone cannot be converted into a 5G. Once you have a 5G phone and a 5G sim, you can upgrade your network through your device and enjoy the fast services of a 5G network.