Can You See Who Views Your Spotify

Spotify is one of the fastest-growing music platforms was developed by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon on April 23, 2006.

Spotify provides users with the benefit of listening to various genres of music, podcasts, etc. Spotify enables you to see how many times your music and podcast have been played or downloaded.

Spotify aims at providing the best platform where every type of music is available for people to listen to. 

Can You See Who Views Your Spotify

No, you cannot see who viewed your Spotify at all as Spotify doesn’t allow it and has no such feature that enables the users to do so.

Because Spotify is a music stream application and not a social networking website.

Spotify’s main focus is to provide you best and most diverse music and not anything else.

Moreover, this is a privacy issue and this won’t be allowed by Spotify as it may breach their contractual guidelines.

Can You See Who Views Your Spotify Playlists?

No, you cannot see who viewed your Spotify playlists because only those people can view your Spotify playlists who follow you and have made their playlists public, and even if they follow you, you cannot know who viewed your playlists among your followers.

Spotify does not provide any feature as such because it mainly focuses on providing you with digital audio such as music, podcasts, etc. It does not aim at or try to be any kind of social networking site or so.

Can You See Who Views Your Spotify Podcast?

No, you cannot see who viewed, downloaded, or played your podcasts.

You can only see the number of downloads or the number of times it has been played but you cannot specifically see or view who downloaded or played your podcast.

Because Spotify doesn’t allow such a feature as it aims at making diverse and varied music and podcasts available to your digitally.

An internet connection will allow you to stream and play all the music and podcasts available on Spotify.

Can You Stalk Someone On Spotify?

No, you cannot stalk someone on Spotify because Spotify is solely meant for bringing to you the best and most diverse digital music and podcasts.

You can only view the playlist of those people on Spotify who have made their playlists public.

So, Spotify doesn’t let you stalk anyone as such as it only deals with digital streaming of audio, music, and podcasts.


Spotify allows you to create your playlists depending on the music you like and how you want to arrange it.

Spotify will allow you to view only those playlists that have been made public by their owners. 

Spotify does not allow you to see who viewed your profile, playlists, etc. And also doesn’t allow you to see who viewed or listened to your podcast.

Spotify does let you see the number of plays or downloads of your podcast but does not specify who played or downloaded it.