Best Solana NFT Games

We all are familiar with the crazy trend of NFT these days. They are booming mostly among the young people. One more thing that became popular is the NFT games. 

NFT games are the games that fetch you NFT as rewards in place of regular in-game tokens. They are known by the name in-game NFTs. These games help people to make a generous passive income. 

Solana is a popular blockchain of NFTs and decentralized Finance. There are some big blockchain gaming projects under Solana.

Best Solana NFT Games 

Some of the famous Solana NFT games are mentioned below:


STEPN is a gaming project that comes under the category of lifestyle games. Also, this one is a Web3 category gaming project. This includes fun social elements.

The theme of the game includes users that are equipped with NFT sneakers.

The users walk, jog, or run outside to earn GST. As a form of level up, they receive new sneakers in the form of NFTs. 

This one is one of the most popular NFT gaming projects under Solano. STEPN is available on both android and IOS platforms. The price of this one is $1.60.

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2. Aurory 

Aurory is a computer game that puts the user to evolve in a rich and diverse universe. There are two types of areas- Antik and Crypto. The mystical creatures living here are called Lefties. 

The user gets to meet various NPCs throughout her journey. The user is provided with Nefties as a form of money which they use to fight different battles. The price of Aurory is $5.14. 

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3. Genopets 

This one is the first MMORPG that gives you NFTs to move around and exercise your mind and body. It is also called Move-to-Earn.

This lets you transform your real-life movement into $KI tokens.

These tokens are used to buy Genopets’ valuable cart items, fight battles, and upgrade your Genotype style and performance.

The price of this NFT is $9.61. This is available on both android and IOS. 

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4. Monkey League 

Monkey League is a next-gen esports game. This platform lets the player create, play, compete, and earn. They provide a soccer game that is easy to learn and lets the users earn through it.

The game is combined with NFTs and decentralized Finance. Monkey League is described as a multiplayer high-production game. The value of this one is $0.083. 

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5. Sol Chicks 

The gaming project is built on the basis of SolChicks NFT collectibles. The value of this one is $0.0045. The user can play this on the PC.

In the game, players use their SOLChicks, i.e., NFTs, as the characters. This one is a unique gaming metaverse that is widely popular among the people of the decentralized finance market. 

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6. DarleyGo

DarleyGo is a gaming project based around horse racing and breeding. They allow the users to breed, feed, and race their horses. This game is known to be the first-myth-based gaming project.

This horsing game is based on Solana. They allow people to operate with their NFT horses in the game. The value of this one is $0.038. This can be used on PC, android, and IOS. 

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7. Space Falcon 

The platform takes virtual assets for the introduction of galaxies, space, and planets. Players control what they own, earn, and buy. 

This one opens a huge amount of doors for scalability. The value of Space Falcon is $0.0013. The user can operate on PC, android, and IOS. 

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8. Dragon War

In this gaming project, characters are represented by different NFTs on the blockchain system. The characters are distinguished in many ways, like appearance, attributes, and characteristics. 

Dragon War is a turn-based strategy system that can be used by the player on a PC.

The main advantage is that they provide the user with a greater value of their NFT than the actual wallet. The value of this is $0.013.

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9. Dead KNight 

Dead KNight is an 8-bit play-to-earn NFT game. This game has recently been making its place in a fantasy medieval world. In this game, you can use your Knight to experience different features of the game.

The game lets the Knight participate in the play-to-earn mechanism of the game. The price of this one is $0.016. The game is available on only one platform, which is the PC. 

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10. Nest Arcade

Nest Arcade is an aggregate of a lot of things. This platform enables users to play easy P2E games using NFTs in a single application.

The games were usually in a P2E (P2E is the wide variety of games known as play-to-earn games that lets you earn while playing and enjoying the game) format. 

This is known to be a P2E gaming platform that is built on Solana. The game is available on PC, IOS, and android. The price of this one is $0.0017.

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11. Tribe Land  

Tribe Land is a gaming project in the category of MMORPG. This game moves with the theme where people are lost in time, and the humans and beasts share the same piece of Earth. 

The creatures present in the game are Mages, Primordial creatures, and barbarians. There are conflicts between them, and winning the contests and conflicts will lead to winning and leveling up in the game. 

The most important quest in this game is to turn the game resources into the digital asset that is NFT. This is available on all platforms like PC, Mac, IOS, and android. The price of this one is $0.000041. 

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With so much going on in the world of digital assets, why not play games and earn a good amount of digital assets? There are so many opportunities on platforms like Solana. 

You can go ahead and try some good NFT platforms that will fetch you great digital assets while playing and enjoying.