5G UW Meaning

With the great launch of the 5G network, people have been curious about the different types of networks available. They expect their work to be done on a high-speed network with a data plan which makes their life hassle-free. 

The 5G UW network is one of those that will play one of the greatest roles in doing so. 5G UW is one of the types of 5G networks available. If you are not familiar with the 5G UW network, this article can help you. 

5G UW Meaning

5G UW stands for 5G Ultra Wideband network, which is meant to provide a speed that is faster than 5G. It is a type of fifth-generation network that works in a defined area and can support multiple devices in that service area. 

This type of connection is used by those who require blazing-fast connectivity within a small area. 

What Does UW Mean Next To 5G?

UW stands for Ultra-Wideband, one of the highest performing 5G of Verizon. The 5G UW network provides one of the best 5G networks by using a wide bandwidth from the high band and mid-band spectrum. 

5G UW has a lot of additional benefits over the 5G network. The 5G Ultra Wideband is something that people worldwide have never experienced before. 

Some of the benefits of using a 5G Ultra Wideband are:

  • The speed of 5G UW is 10 times faster than what we have experienced till now. This means we will now be able to experience quick downloads with minimal buffering on streaming.
  • It has proved to be safer than public Wi-Fi.
  • Also, It can have several devices connected at once without the hassle and disturbance of low-speed internet.  
  • It is easy to set up with a cable-free connection.
  • You can get access to high-definition videos and audio without Wi-Fi.
  • You can get a high-quality gaming experience on your phone without any lag. So, instead of using a console, you can easily use your phone and enjoy the experience. 

What Does 5G Mean On iPhone?

Apple iPhone 12 model has a technology to support the 5G network. With foresight, they are developing their products to support the new technology. 

This means that these models of the iPhone can be used for faster uploads and downloads with a high-speed network.

This new technology in iPhone will result in a lot of benefits to their users, such as:

  • Better video calls with high-quality and high-definition FaceTimes without any disturbance. In addition, it will have a 1080p resolution at all times compared to the 720p resolution calls of the past.
  • The mobile services with 5G are even faster than your WiFi. You can use your 5G device as a hotspot for all your other devices and enjoy a high-speed network and internet everywhere.
  • With a decreased latency, playing games will become easier without any scope of lag, making your experience better. 

What Is The Difference Between 5G And 5G UW?

5G UW and 5G are similar networks with a difference in speed and location. 5G is known to cover a larger service area than the 5G UW, whereas 5G UW has a faster speed. 

5G too has a high and reliable speed, but it is lower than the one provided by the 5G UW network. 5G UW is a short-range wireless network but has the facility to be sent over wires. 

So, if someone is looking for a required network in a smaller area with a super fast speed, they can rely on the 5G UW network. On the other hand, the 5G network can be used for a vast area. 

Is 5G UW Faster Than 5G?

5G Ultra Wideband has a faster speed than 5G. 5G also provides a high and reliable speed network, but it is lower than the one provided by the 5G UW network. 

5G is still associated with 4G LTE when talking about speed. It is a fast network compared to 4G LTE but does not have a big difference. 5G UW, on the other hand, is faster than 5G with a small service area. 

What Is 5G UW Speed?

According to the Recent Speedtest Intelligence data, the 5G Ultra Wideband has a speed of 988.37 Mbps, an 820.2% improvement over the 4G LTE. 

This data was collected and recorded in Denver and proved that 5G UW is faster than both 4G LTE and the 5G network.

Why Is 5G UW Safer?

Compared to public Wi-Fi, the 5G Ultra Wideband provides more security to its users with protection from hackers. The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), keeping in mind the 5G UW users’ security, has developed security standards for this network. 

They have researched the different types of threats that would impact the 5G network, including privacy issues, masquerading, etc. Using this information, they have built strong security features from 4G technology, making 5G a more secure network.


5G Ultra Wideband is a network that provides its user with various benefits in terms of speed and security by using a wide bandwidth. Moreover, it works in a small coverage area and is known to support several devices at once without any problem. 

Saving time and increasing efficiency, 5G UW will prove to be of great use to its user for various tasks, like downloading, gaming, business, etc.